Apple ‘Edition 1 of 1’: Sir Jony Ive’s ‘Deluxe’ Masterpiece
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one of a kind iPad Pro

Customized iPad Pro Accessories

The London Design Museum has collaborated with Phillips for raising resources, which would help them in relocating to Kensington. They’re holding an auction ‘Time for Design’ in Berkeley Square where series of collectors and designers have in turn made donations of various items to help the cause. One such pack of items arrives from the Apple CDO Jony Ive.

Sir Jony Ive has donated one of a kind iPad Pro accessories. The series of goods includes an iPad Pro housing laser engraved with title ‘Edition 1 of 1’. It showcases an orange cover manufactured from fine Italian calf leather for the Apple Pencil, Smart Cover (suede-lined), created from expensive French leather, and a customized blue dye.

The one of a kind iPad Pro accessories from the house of Apple were exclusively designed for ‘Time for Design’ auction at the London Design Museum.

The relationship of Sir Jony Ive with the Design Museum travels a long way back. In 1990, merely two years before he made a swap in position from Apple contractor to Apple Employee, the world famous designer showcased a mobile phone prototype at the Museum. In the year 2003, he was awarded ‘Designer of the Year’ by the museum for his outstanding design work on iMac.

The sales for the one of a kind iPad Pro accessories are expected to raise a figure £10,000 - £15,000 i.e. $14,200 to $21,300.

The funds drawn out from the auction of one of a kind iPad Pro accessories among other deluxe items, will sufficiently fund the move of the museum to relocate.

The London Design Museum aims at designer objects of affordable price, so we can understand why the iOS giant would be interested. The tech mammoth may not be certainly creating pure art, as these are simply functional items, after all, but Apple absolutely pours its own art into them. Apple products are a brilliant piece of modern art and the company has always remained clear to play it well.

The auction ‘Time for Design’ will be held in London Design Museum on April 28.

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