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Apple claims Galaxy Tab copied from iPad; Sues Samsung

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Apple claims Galaxy Tab copied from iPad; Sues Samsung

Apple claims Galaxy Tab copied from iPad; Sues Samsung

Not only the Galaxy Tab introduced by Samsung late last year, Apple is suing Samsung for allegedly copying their entire Galaxy range from Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad designs.

Extending intellectual property violation notices directed towards a number of Samsung's mobile devices, including the Indulge, Captivate, Epic 4G, Nexus S and Galaxy S 4G smartphones in addition to the Galaxy Tab, Apple has demanded an injunction that would disallow continuation of Samsung's alleged infringements.

In the lawsuit that was filed on Friday, Apple has said, "When a Samsung Galaxy phone is used in public, there can be little doubt that it would be viewed as an Apple product based upon the design alone.”

Additionally, Apple has asked to be compensated with actual and punitive damages, which would include “wrongfully obtained profits" by Samsung by way of these copied products, as well as funds towards correcting public notions regarding the allegedly confusing products through advertising.

Areas of Infringement

Apple’s filed complaints against Samsung include two charges of trademark infringement, ten of patent violations and two of trade dress infringements.

Naming Samsung Electronics, Samsung America and Samsung Telecommunications America as defendants, Apple has also pressed charges against for unfair business practices and related undue financial enhancement.

With infringement claims at levels of product design, user interface as well as packaging of the Galaxy products, Apple said in its complaint that "Instead of pursuing independent product development, Samsung has chosen to slavishly copy Apple's innovative technology, distinctive user interfaces, and elegant and distinctive product and packaging design, in violation of Apple's valuable intellectual property rights."

In particular, these alleged violations range from the rounded-at-corners rectangular case, the metallic edge and thick black bands as they appear along the top and bottom of the iPhone and iPod Touch devices to the manner in which Samsung’s devices – in particular, those belonging to the Galaxy range – present themselves and operate, such as the use of hand gestures on the screen as well as Apple’s “iconic” applications icons for the various functions the devices offer.

Apple also extends its infringement claims against Samsung to the packaging design of the named devices – such as the stark, minimalistic box designed for the Galaxy S.

Other alleged external design infringements include the slim buttons along the sides of the devices, while violations with regards to operational technology involve claims that Samsung has copied technologies patented by Apple for the interface offered by its devices.

The war over Smartphones

The latest in a series of lawsuits and counter-claims being filed in the world of smartphones, Apple’s infringement charges against Samsung follow its ongoing patent fight with Motorola.

On the other side of the game of this series of who-files-first lawsuits, Nokia pressed charges against Apple late March for infringing design patents.

Microsoft and HTC are also involved in similar cases of global smartphone leaders trying to establish their supremacy in the market.


  • Jay says:

    Asia has been stealing american technology and copying american products for years. It’s about time someone fights back.

  • Madara says:

    Jay, you’re right Asia has been stealing american technology but not copying. But rather by making it far better and less expensive.


  • Fred says:

    Apple has to face the fact that their technology will not be the best forever. I do not see any major similarities between Samsung’s smartphones and Apple’s smartphones, they both have very slim designs, but that does not nessesarily mean that it was ccopied.

  • Bryan says:

    I own a Captivate and it does not look or feel like an iphone. I hate apple and would not use this phone if it was a “copy” of the iphone.

  • Bryan says:

    BTW way a little history lession for apple fanboys. Way back when Steve Jobs was a young techno geek. He saw something that changed his vision. A “mouse” and GUI interface. From that he “stole” the idea and created apple. The true owners should sue him. Yes I’m sure Xerox would like to have a taste of apple.

  • Scarlett Sigfrid says:

    It’s pretty ridiculous how these company’s sue each other back and forth…instead of focusing even more on the end-user experience and lowering the prices, which they could do with less lawsuits and patent applications…It’s like watching children fight…but honestly I think it’s starting to become a PR thing. I been obviously they know that when they sue somebody everybody will know and the blogs and media will pick it up quickly. And since most these companies are geniuses when it comes to marketing, especially Apple…I think they are doing it for some marketing purpose too…I don’t know what purpose though because in my eyes they just loose credibility…

  • rahoof says:

    this is totallly freaking apple’s marketing phenomenon.
    i dont think samsung had copied there design and GUI, infact they made it user friendly since Apple bought it first in the market doesnt mean, every one steal there technology.!

    as far i see, samsung and other brands make there product amazing and bring at large amounts. but apple uses limitation in every gadgets, and user restrictions saying its security reason!


  • william says:

    I think apple is only scared that they will be losing their customers, so the only way to get their customer’s attention is for them to file a useless law case against its strongest rival.

  • Scott says:

    Not so sure he “stole” it. The PARC demo took place in 1979. Xerox received its compensation in exchange for showing some prototypes that they didn’t know what to do with.
    The compensation for the Xerox PARC technology sharing deal with Apple was in form of $1 million dollars pre-IPO Apple stock / investment.

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