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Apologies for flaw in maps, Apple CEO recommends rivals

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Apple Inc. faces flaw in maps

Apple Inc. faces flaws in maps

The Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc., Tim Cook, has sincerely apologized on the 28th of September to his customers because of Apple's flaw in maps. According to the reports, the CEO has accepted the fact that the newest Maps service of Apple Inc. has certain flaws in it and in a very unusual way has recommended his customers to instead look at the maps of his rival services Google Inc.

The incident:

Apple Inc. had incidentally launched its own mapping services at the beginning of this month when it started selling its New iPhone 5 smartphone and rolling out to iOS 6, the most anticipated update to its platform of mobile software. According to the reviews of the customers, the newest map service that was based mainly on the data of the digital map maker TomTom NV and the Dutch navigation equipment consisted of certain geographical errors along with gaps in the information. The Apple's flaw in maps were mainly based on areas that made its rival Google Maps so very popular starting from the directions of public transit to the street view pictures and traffic data. According to the statement made by Cook, they are not only very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the mistakes but also doing the best they can to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Suggested alternatives:

In his statement Tim Cook also suggested some alternative measures to cater to the Apple's flaw in maps. He has suggested his customers to download some of the rival services of maps that are available at the Apple's App Store till the services are resolved and made better. According to him, there are numerous map applications available in the Apple's App Store that his customers can resort to like Waze, Bing or MapQuest. He also stated that his customers could use map services provided by his rivals Google or Nokia by visiting their website and creating their icon on their home screen for easy accessibility.

Change in Apple’s approach:

The approach of Apple Inc. has been changing rapidly under the new CEO Tim Cook who took over the responsibility of the company from its former CEO and co- founder Steve Jobs little before he had died. The apology by the CEO and the suggestions of using some its rival services are indicative of this point only. Another changing factor in the company is the prominent display of some its rival services in the Apple's App Store. According to analyst Shaw Wu, this move by Cook is crucial since primary focus of Apple Inc. is to provide great customer service keeping them happy at all points of time. The home grown map feature of Apple Inc. was incidentally developed in the month of June by its chief of software Scott Forstall. But quite a few omissions and errors emerged in the software soon after it was rolled out that ranged from mislabeled cities and misplaced buildings to a variety of duplicated geographical features. It was back in the year 2010 when Apple Inc. has faced with such criticism worldwide due to issues related to the signal reception on the new model of iPhone 4 that was released back then.

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