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Another Bendgate? Apple Files Patent for Foldable iPhone

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Let’s not be too harsh on Apple. It might just give us the first foldable iPhone, ever. A week ago, the US Patent & Trademark Office published an Apple patent application for a foldable display. This could dispel earlier rumors that the company was working with LG to develop a foldable iPhone.

An electronic device may have a flexible portion that allows the device to be folded. The device may have a flexible display. The flexible display may have a bending region that allows the display to bend along a bend axis when the device is folded.

The patent describes a display that can be opened and closed like book. The gadget “may be a laptop computer, a tablet computer, a cellular telephone, a wristwatch, or other electronic device.” Of course, it only seems likely that Apple will apply its latest innovation to its future iPhone. After all, the iPhone generates maximum revenue for the Cupertino company.

The first report of Apple working on a foldable iPhone came around a year ago. It was at a time when the company was partnering with LG. According to a new report, Apple has planned to invest in an LG plant for manufacturing of a foldable iPhone display. LG Display is also said to be partnering with Google and Microsoft to manufacture ‘out-foldable’ OLED displays.

foldable iPhone display

Several reports mentioned an OLED panel, similar to the one currently used in the iPhone X. Apple’s patent application covers almost everything, including LCD, OLED and microLED.

Display may include an array of display pixels formed from liquid crystal display (LCD) components, an array of electrophoretic display pixels, an array of organic light-emitting diode display pixels, an array of pixels formed from crystalline semiconductor light-emitting diode dies (sometimes referred to as micro-LEDs), an array of electrowetting display pixels, or display pixels based on other display technologies. Examples in which display has been formed from organic light-emitting diode pixels or micro-LED pixels may sometimes be described herein as an example).

The iPhone X is said to have achieved the bezel-free look, all thanks to the flexible display at the ends beneath the glass covering. As per the patent application, the future iPhone display could be folded and unfolded in use.

Several reports suggest that a foldable iPhone might release into the market by 2021. By this time, Apple will likely have moved ahead with microLED screens. Let’s hope the advancements in the iPhone display only means more benefits to reap. Apple is also reportedly working with TSMC to do some groundwork on the application of microLED panels.

What do you think about Apple launching a foldable iPhone? For starters, a foldable iPhone display means a multi-hinge design so it can be easily put into the pocket. Secondly, the iPhone shouldn’t shatter if one drops it to the ground. There’s so much to take care of. It would be a shame if Apple keeps toying with the idea of a foldable iPhone display while taking its own sweet time to release one.

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