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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Manage A Remote Team

Did you know that remote workers take longer breaks on average? Our entrepreneur's guide to successfully manage a virtual team will help you keep productivity in check.
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Working from home can be a tiresome thing, especially for the ones who regularly go to the office and are now forced to be at home because of the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. In such a time, we can increase productivity and make work from home a bit interesting with the below-listed apps, which helps in organize schedules, handle tasks, clean up a haphazard desktop and also keep meetings on the calendar and to the point.

With the present situation across the world where employees are restricted from being at home and working, they can make the home office a better place to work. This is a perfect time to start practicing in making the work hours productive, like in the office. The following are the four apps that will help in improving their efficiency and will enable the person to work smarter instead of faster.


Pagico 9

This is an efficient organizer app for people to streamline their workflow and in place. It is an all-in-one tool that will help one to come back on track during distractions at work. By combining task outliner with project management software, Pagico helps in transforming an undefined task into an actionable timeline for practical completion of a project. Through this tool, one can set useful guideposts, loop inefficient team members, set reminders, track work progress, and manage all the tasks in one app. It can also help to organize work essentials, facts, and information into easily accessible tabs, prioritize tasks with a drag-and-drop interface and arrange group contact information through quickly searchable tags and keywords.

Focuster Productivity App

This is an all-encompassing productivity launching pad destined to give optimum success to projects and help people in completing them. The app is more than a simple task and project management tool, and it also brings digital horse blinders for a workday. As regaining focus at work amid distractions is a daunting task, Focuster is determined to keep the worker focussed on the job by eliminating distractions. The app has an excellent interface that is designed to boost focus, increase productivity as well as prioritize tasks. One can set smart reminders, auto reschedules tasks, and use other tactics to finish the project and tasks in lesser time.

Workspace Pro

You have a haphazard screen with a multitude of tabs displayed on the screen, and it is confusing and messing your workflow! Is that productive? Of course, it is not! Use the Workspace Pro app, which lets the worker organically group, launch and close affiliated apps with a single click. The app also enables you to control exactly where and when the app would reopen. It also hides the unused apps, automatically terminates unresponsive apps, and then sets them all down in one click.

Pinstriped Meeting Tool

In the age of video conferencing, while working from home, meetings can still be of tedious lengths during a call and distract you from the topic and the motive behind the video call. Switch to Pinstriped, which will structure the meetings efficiently, and let you be on track and action-oriented. This app is great for the organizers who want everything to be on time and structured to the core. The app has an easy to use interface which allows the user to set a meeting, create a plan to send to the participants of the video call, share essential links and information, track call timings, as well as log action items. After the call is over, the user can share the minutes of the meeting to every participant with definitive conclusions about the conference and information related to it.

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