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Amsterdam-based startup, Zoku introduces a new hotel concept that provides “global nomads”

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An Amsterdam-based startup- Zoku has introduced a new hotel concept that provides “global nomads” with a local social life. The new hotel embraces the blurring of work or life boundaries that are mostly viewed between business and leisure, which stands as the inspiration behind this new hotel concept, with crow sourced design features, which will go on sale by this month by Zoku.

As claimed by its founder, the new hotel is a part home and a part office, Zoku Loft combines the services of a hotel with a social buzz of a local neighborhood. Its designs are suitable for long-term stay of weeks or just for two days. It is occupied with living and work space rather, bed and bathroom that takes priority in hotel’s customizable rooms.

Zoku Co-founders Marc Jongerius and Hans Meyer brands the target market for this new hotel as “Global nomads”.

Meyer explained that with the emerging technology and a brilliant infrastructure, people from different backgrounds, discipline, and nationalities have become collaborative, growing, travelling business movement travelling the world and more.

Meyer stated that these touring people enjoy a strong online connection, their offline and real and physical connection, while travelling away from the home or office for a weak while, having a traditional hotels, or services apartments habitually functional, lonely, and dull. He added that a major aspect of Zoku’s proposition is to provide “global nomads” with a local social-lifestyle.

According to the designed template for the new hotel, public areas offer a warm welcome, a bar, a kitchen, co-working spaces, a living room, and tailor-made retail well-stocked to provide all users’ practical needs, with an additional back-up from on-site staff – “sidekicks”, and even a local events program. Moreover, the new hotel’s private areas—the lofts, are structured with a 25-square-meter floor space, and have been designed for compact living.

Each Zoku Loft is designed with a fully-equipped kitchen, alcove desk with office supplies, a four-person table, extensive storage, and screen-able sleeping space reversing the bed-centric focus of traditional hotel rooms. Additionally, each loft is customizable, with users even able to choose their own art gallery to make their own space more personal and private for the duration of their stay.

Zoku‘s new hotel concept is the latest in the series of concept with an intent to re-think the traditional style-hotel, emphasizing on travelers and young workers. The interior design for Zoku’s new hotel was designed by Amsterdam-based interiors and architecture agency Concrete. Amsterdam – based creative agency -WE ARE Pi created business’s branding and Zoku Loft brand film.

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