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America’s Most Fascinating Liquor Delivery Startups
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The on-demand alcohol delivery space is already crowded with players such as Drinkfly, Ultra, Postmates, Drizly and so on who deliver alcohol straight to your doorstep at the tap of your smartphone. Of course, on-demand alcohol delivery is nothing new. In fact, it is probably one of the least fascinating segments of the one-demand industry, since consumers have been able to get booze at their beck and call for decades. What’s interesting about some of the most fascinating liquor delivery startups is that they’re concentrating on what the consumer wants.

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TOP PICKS: Liquor Delivery Startups


Drizly ‘aims to be the Amazon’ for alcohol, read a Forbes 2014 article. In a city where seamless food delivery is virtually anything and everything one could ask for, Drizly aims to deliver exactly what the customer needs: alcohol in the right place at the right time. Founded in 2012, the liquor delivery startup, Drizly works with local retailers to deliver beer, wine, mixers and spirits in an hour. The service is currently available to people in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston. Delivery men are usually responsible for checking whether the customer is of legal-drinking-age using Drizly’s mobile ID verification technology.

It partners with local liquor shops to deliver alcohol to customers usually within an hour (it never takes more than 20-40 minutes) and charges $5 delivery charge. It has also signed a marketing deal with liquor brands such as Kahlua, Absolut, and Jameson to promote the Drizly app to customers.

Barnes & Noble Café & Bar

Recently, Barnes & Noble bookstores decided to tap into the cool idea of books + booze, by opening up B&A cafés serving wine and beer along with books. In the past few years, Barnes & Noble sales have taken a serious plunge due to Amazon’s unrivaled ability to deliver books within 24 hours, cheaply and smoothly. It has defunct not just the popular bookstore but a few other brick-and-mortar booksellers too. While most other booksellers are following Amazon’s lead and going online, Barnes and Noble has decided to take the road not taken.

B&A café isn't exactly a startup but is giving what the consumers want: booze and books, at one single place.

The café-bookstore idea will be launched in Eastchester, New York, Edina, Minnesota, Folsom, California, and Loudon, Virginia. In cities, where most people just need a quiet corner to read a book, and probably have to resort to pubs, B&A Café is the answer!


Los-Angeles based Saucey is the lovechild of three founders, Chris Vaughn, Daniel Leeb and Andrew Zeck who once worked at messaging startup TextPlus. Rather than entering the already-crowded alcohol delivery apps zone like other rivals, Saucey decided to debut from one of the biggest drinking markets in the USA.

Saucey alcohol delivery app works like any other alcohol delivery service mentioned here. While its delivery radius is pretty limited for now, the founders are planning to add more neighborhoods in the near future.


The most fascinating on the list of liquor delivery startups is Nestdrop, which is both an alcohol and marijuana delivery startup. It has covered 9 cities in the West Coast including Seattle, Portland, and 7 Californian locations.

It first started out as an alcohol delivery startup and slowly graduated to marijuana delivery. It aims to make things easier for those with medical issues who need medicinal marijuana. It is competing with other marijuana delivery startups such as Nugg and Eaze.

We’re more likely to see more such startups and businesses pop up, particularly in states where the on-demand trend is growing like a wildfire.

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