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Ambient Water to Introduce Atmospheric Water Generation Tech at Capitol

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Ambient Water

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Ambient Water – an international provider of atmospheric water generation systems for extracting water from humidity present in the atmosphere, announced that it will be presenting its atmospheric water generation technology at Capitol building situated at the California. The company announced that the event will be held on Monday, on the north steps of the Capitol, where it will demonstrate its new invention in the morning by 9 am.

The event will be backed by elected officials, Rural Caucus, and state agencies of the company. Ambient Water along with its affiliate partner in California will lead the demonstration session that comes a few months, after visiting Capitol to talk regarding water technology with state legislatures.

Founder and CEO of Ambient Water - Keith White said that they had very important discussion when they met with policy-makers in the month of April. So, the company is excited about introducing their first technology invention in public.

White stated that with the help of their innovation, the people of California will receive a sort of relief, as the state will continue to feel scorching heat in summer or might dry reservoirs; as a result the preservation turns out to be more troublesome. The company aims to be a part of the solution for California water crises, and look forth to demonstrating their water solutions.

General society exhibit comes as California legislators look for better approaches to reduce the developing water scarcity issues all through the state. California's Government - Jerry Brown effectively forced water restrictions in April, constraining consumption for the first time in the California’s history. Now, the company’s attention swings towards commercial technologies, which can help to fill gaps between natural resources and water conservation that have fallen short.

One such innovation, atmospheric water era, touched base in California a month ago when Ambient Water conceded Pacific AirWell exclusive rights to offer the technology in California. The project ensures the sale of more than $1 million value of technology within California in the first quarter and would give instant relief to farmers, residential locations, and other business entities, which have been troubled by the drought.

CEO of Pacific AirWell - Matt Gray said that showcasing new technology is the next move as part of discussion officials and the Governor's office, regulatory authorities, and state organizations, toward discovering inventive approaches to lessen the requests upon surface and ground water, and adequately mitigate California's drought session by enhancing the State's drought flexibility.

Ambient Water has registered official its atmospheric water generation technology that extracts water from the humidity present in the atmosphere. This extracted humidity will then be transformed into an abundant source of clean water close to the point of use.

With various frameworks as of now commercially accessible or being developed, the company’s innovation produces fresh and clean water for a large host of commercial enterprises, including oil & gas and agribusiness, while additionally providing crisp drinking water to homes, workplaces, and other communities.

AWGI Harvesting Water From Humidity in Air- MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon from MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon on Vimeo.

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