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Amazon is Preparing to Enter UK and Europe’s Retail Industry with Check-out Free Supermarkets
, / 1743 0 Inc. is on-the-move to attain flagship in the $800 billion global retail market by its cashier-free Amazon Go grocery stores. Recently, Amazon filed a trademark application in relation to the groundwork of its Go stores with the Intellectual Property Office UK and the European Union equivalent.

The US giant could be planning to expand its cashier-free grocery stores to the UK and Europe. “No Lines, No Checkout”, “No Queue, No Checkout”, “Every queue is a defect”, “Every line is a defect” – to trademark these slogans US giant filed the application. The slogans are same as what the company decided previously when they first announced Amazon Go in last December. However, there were previous reports of opening 2,000 stores which the company is denying now.

Amazon Go stores

Amazon has opened a futuristic, no-cashier store in Seattle for testing purposes. When customers pick any item from the shelves, the virtual shopping carts keep a track. The no-checkout stores use smartphones and sensors to store items in the virtual shopping carts. Before customers leave the store, the Amazon app adds up the total amount of the bill to the shoppers’ accounts.

The Go stores are physical supermarkets that go little this way – walk in, shop your items and leave. You need not go through the hustle of checkout lines. Scanning the customer account while you enter will keep a track of the things that you buy. This idea of no-checkout retail stores helps you save your time. Also, the company won’t need to appoint cashiers. Hence, the stores will reportedly have only six to ten employees per store.

Amazon Go

Moreover, Amazon can also keep a note of the trendy items or the highest selling product and can arrange the supermarket accordingly.

Beyond the wows, we need to be sure whether Amazons has proper workout plans on certain supermarket complications. If the Amazon’s preparation for the retail store is any less than cent percent, then people can easily steal items from stores. Moreover, fruits and vegetables are what the store needs to weigh to bill its price. We do not know the company’s plans for such implementation.

Amazon sets eye on UK and Europe’s retail industry

Amazon’s intention to crack the retail industry might bother British supermarket J Sainsbury Plc and Tesco Plc. Both the operators are already facing hard struggle to retain their customers against the discounters Aldi and Lidl, reports Bloomberg.

Amazon, last year, launched its online grocery stores ‘Fresh’ in the UK. The Amazon Fresh stores were operating in partnership with Wn Morrison Supermarkets Plc to leverage the variety. With Amazon Go, the company has now better plans to step ahead in the retail market. However, after the US, expanding in UK and Europe are Amazon’s choice, for its e-commerce platform is well-established in both the countries.

The company was to launch its first store in March, but due to some technical issues, it was postponed. However, Amazon is currently testing its cashier-free supermarkets in three different formats in Seattle.

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