Amazon Launches Exclusives Store in Online Marketplace for Selling Innovative New Products
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Amazon Exclusives store

Amazon Exclusives store

E-commerce titan Amazon is providing consumers a place to get a first look at the company’s fledgling brands and products, including products featured on the TV show Shark Tank.

Amazon on Wednesday launched a virtual marketplace called Amazon Exclusives store. The branded store within Amazon’s own digital storefront offers consumers a wide range of new and innovative products created by small businesses.

"Our mission on behalf of customers is to make Amazon the destination for brands and innovators to launch and sell their products, providing our customers early access to new products," Amazon Marketplace VP Peter Varicy said in a press release.

The Amazon Exclusives store includes an interesting mix of products like electronics, accessories, toys, sporting goods, shoes and other products available through Amazon or the brand’s own site. Product inventors trying to find their niche and small companies seeking wider distribution might find a great partnership here.

Currently on offer are a line of device chargers from Jackery, US$70 Hot Chocolate Design’s Chocolaticas, Mariquita shoes, iPhone camera attachments by Olloclip, paddle boards by Tower and US$75 Zackees LED turn-signal gloves that alert cars when a cyclist makes a hand signal to turn.

The focus in Amazon Exclusives is on small businesses offering unique products that the average consumer might not know about, Amazon said.

The online Exclusive store is the latest in a line of stores the e-commerce giant has opened within the standard Amazon marketplace. Over the last few years, Amazon has opened an auto store, grocery store and even a marketplace for art where people can purchase professional pieces.

Last year, the company launched an Essentials brand of products created by Amazon that had diapers and wipes. Currently, the diapers have been taken out of the store so that the company can work on improvements.

All of the products sold through Exclusives can’t sell through any other third-party retailers or stores. However, the brands can sell through their own websites or stores in addition to Amazon. Amazon is warehousing some of the products sold through Exclusives, making those eligible for two-day shipping through the Amazon Prime membership program.

"We will add many more up-and-coming products and brands in the coming months," a company spokesman said. "The new store is a great showcase for small-business brands that have innovative products, and a fun destination for early-adopter customers looking to browse and purchase the latest items."

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