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Amazon befriends young ones with its kids content on Kindles
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The Amazon's Kindle Fire HD tablet

The Amazon's Kindle Fire HD tablet

The holiday shopping season is approaching slowly to its end, but Inc. does not want to back down. The company has announced a new service Kindle FreeTime Unlimited which is designed to be child-friendly. The company decided to introduce the service which is dedicated mainly to 3-8 year olds.

Kindle for kids

The additional service, which was designed by Inc., is aimed at luring 3-8 year-olds' parents who want to give their children funny and even sometimes educational moments on the Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet. Inc. decided to offer the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited that provides children books, movies games as well as apps.

The new Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, which was designed with an eye to children aged 3 to 8, offers video, books and apps for a starting price at almost $3 per month per child for company's prime members. The “Unlimited” version of the service Inc. presents its clients with access to popular kids choices. The new Kindle FreeTime Unlimited is available on Amazon's tablets and it should be underlined that the service allows parents to decided how much time their young ones spend on their devices and what content they watch as well. The content of the new Kindle FreeTime Unlimited service consists of videos, books and apps, and it is designed for each age and gender group.

What is more, parents can set profiles for their beloved young ones as they are able to limit viewing times, not to mention that  they are given that the possibility of getting their own profile on the Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet.

As it was underlined by employees of Inc., this new service also allows one to plan in advance and it is quite useful when it comes to, for example, a trip. Peter Larsen, Vice President of Kindle at Inc., stated: "You can choose to download content as you see fit. If you know you are going on a trip in the car and you want a couple TV shows, a few games and maybe a map app and a book, you can just download that within FreeTime and hand it over to your kid and away they go." Inc. has also taken care of irritating advertising and in-app purchasing stuff as they have been removed from many titles. Therefore using the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited service on the Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is expected to be only pleasure.

Competitors of Amazon

The company has been long preparing for the war with its arch rivals. And then they are Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, which are offered for a competitive price, compared with tablets of its competitors. The current tablet war is circling around as Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and other technology companies are trying to win back market which is currently dominated by Apple Inc.’s iPads.

And there is a new war on the horizon… Companies are trying to win the title of the best kids’ tablet. Inc. knows that this market is important and profitable as well. Therefore it has introduced the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited service.

According to findings of a Nielsen survey, children between the age of 6 and 12 want to get Apple Inc.’s iPad Mini and iPod Touch for the Christmas gift. So the war is worth the effort.

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