Aluminium Leader Novelis Inc. Focuses on Sustainable Business Performance
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Aluminium Rolls

Aluminium Rolls

Novelis Inc., one of the world’s leading companies in the field of rolled aluminium products, recently made an announcement regarding the considerable amount of progress the company has been able to achieve in its responsibility to the decrease of its carbon footprint and delivering on strategic measures of sustainable business performance.

Positive Report

Out of all the major milestones mentioned in second annual Novelis’ sustainability report, the most significant one happens to be the large scale growth in the recycled matter of its goods from 33 percent to a more agreeable 39 percent in the course of the first year since the company publicized its grand objective of successfully achieving about 80 percent recycled matter by the year 2020.

The detailed and extensive Novelis’ sustainability report includes other important highlights like the results vs. baseline performance in case of Novelis’ 2020 target of 39 percent reduction in the intensity of energy which has already been achieved halfway with a 19 percent reduction for this year. The company has also managed to reduce its water intensity by almost 11 percent which places it almost mid way to its overall goal of 25 percent.

Novelis Inc. also announced an overarching goal of halving its absolute green house gases. The company has managed to reduce emissions of green house gases by 7 percent for the year which is indicative of a substantial amount of progress towards realizing its total goal. The company’s overall goal of diminishing waste to landfill to zero has also met with a good amount of progress to the tune of 18 percent.

The GRI or Global Reporting Initiative, which happens to be the most widely used framework for the purpose of detailing sustainability reports in the whole world, was happy to bestow an A rating to the second annual Novelis’ sustainability report.

President and CEO of Novelis Inc., Phil Martens, has stated that it is sustainability which is responsible for driving their business strategy in a forward direction. He claims that the number of people who want to buy products that help to reduce their personal carbon footprint is constantly growing. Consumers also expect technologies and companies responsible for manufacturing this product to lower their carbon footprint by operating in a manner which is sustainable. Novelis gives consumers the opportunity to make rational, environment-friendly purchases by totally raising the amount of recycled matter in their manufactured aluminium sheets as well as by employing innovation to the development of their products.

Future Plans

Novelis Inc. is already the largest recycler of aluminium beverage cans around the globe. The company is considering investing in new facilities and technologies in order to process a larger range of aluminium scraps. In the course of the last three years, the company has declared investments which almost total 810,000 metric tons of better global recycling capacity in Korea, Brazil and Germany. The company is also looking to strengthen its recycling collection methods, together with the setting up of a new, standalone beverage can procurement outfit in North America.

A very useful component of the sustainability commitment of the company has been the Novelis Sustainability Council which is relatively new and results in a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of corporate sustainability. The council is formed with a few of the most important members in the company.

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