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Itโ€™s alright to seek Leadership Help, even if you are the Uber CEO
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It is a common perception that a leader has to solitarily guide the team towards progress. Apparently, the best leaders are those who not only lead the team but consider success a group endeavor. Usually, all the members of the team rush to the leader in case they are stuck up and need help. There might come a time when the leaders ask for help too. Asking for help is considered to be a sign of weakness or inefficiency which makes the person feel embarrassed to ask for help. One often overlooks the fact that with help one can improve upon his work. There is nothing shameful about asking for help as even the strongest person might need someone to support him in his task. Recently, Uberโ€™s CEO Travis Kalanick stated that he needed some leadership help.

Recently, the ride-hailing giant witnessed issues between its employees and the management. Various stories came up in the news and also drivers were unhappy with their perks. Amidst all this, Kalanick being the CEO of this $69 billion company admits that he needs some leadership help. This thought arose as the company needs to rigorously work on winning back the trust of its investors, employees, and customers. In order to fulfill this requirement, Uber has hired an executive search firm, Heidrickย & Struggles to look for a Chief Operating Officer. A spokesperson of the company gave out this news on Thursday saying that they are in the final stage of hunting for a COO.

Leadership help

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick admits he needs leadership help.

Uber CEO looking for leadership help

Heidrick & Struggles is a renowned name in the Silicon Valley as it excels at finding people with commendable leadership skills. The recruiting giant had helped Google find help when it hired Eric Schmidt as its CEO. Apart from this, it also helped Microsoft search for a new CEO in 2014 when Satya Nadella was recruited. Therefore the firm will be beneficial for Uber while searching for leadership. This will be helpful to rectify the damages done.

When 200,000 customers deleted the Uber app in January under the #DeleteUber movement, the company became conscious if its drawbacks. It also launched an internal investigation to check its workplace culture. This began when former engineer Susan Fowler published a blog on the internet about the gender bias and sexual harassment she faced at the company. This blog also highlights the fact that the management did not support her despite her complaint being valid.

While addressing the crisis situations taking place all at once at the company, Kalanick admitted that he is in search for leadership help. This is in order to regain the faith people had in Uber. He said that he is looking for a peer who will professionally partner with him. This will help to begin a new chapter for the company. However, he did not disclose anything about the job responsibilities of the position. There is no timeline as to when the decision on the second position of the company will be final. The COO might be from the company or from any other professional arena. The Uber management board will also have a major contribution in the decision.

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