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AlphaGo isn’t celebrating its Victory, After all it’s a Machine
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Go Board Game

It won’t be wrong if we now regard AlphaGo, AI program developed by Google’s DeepMind, as the master of combinations and strategy. The AI program has defeated Lee Sedol, world’s best professional Go player, in the final match organized by DeepMind Challenge Championship.

Google’s artificial intelligence program secured its win for the fourth time out of five matches played opposite human ‘Go’ champion Sedol.

Lee Sedol, who is known as the best player of this toughest board game in existence, which requires intense combinations and strategies, simply couldn’t cope up with the sheer brilliance of the AI program. Go is considered to be the most challenging game for computers as it requires endless possibilities of combinations.

The DeepMind Challenge Championship began on 9 March in Seoul, where Google’s AI scored its first win against Go player Sedol.

The first match brought the biggest shock for Sedol as he had never envisaged himself losing against an AI program. The second match made him speechless (his own words) and he remarked that AI played the game ‘Nearly Perfect’. In the third game, Lee Sedol brought his ‘best strategies’, but even his best couldn’t defeat AlphaGo. Much to his relief, he won the fourth round against the AI when he decided to reverse the strategies and let the program be the first one to make a move, and finally, in the fifth and final round, Google’ AI champion proved just how powerful it is by winning the final match.

The winning streak by Google means it will take home the prize amount worth $1M. Google DeepMind is going to donate this price money UNICEF, Stem, and Gocharities.

AlphaGo is developed by DeepMind, a British company that was acquired in 2014 by Google. The program has established its expertise by learning older games and following various patterns and strategies of play. In order to beat the best in the game, Google’s AI program used a combination of shrewd strategies.

Does this match mean that artificial intelligence is way smarter than humans? Will it surpass human capabilities? 

Certainly not, after all, humans are the creators of AI. The AI program is not at all bothered if it has defeated the best in the field. It is not even bothered if it plays or not, and most certainly the artificial intelligence is not going to serve you a cup of hot coffee after an exhausting match.

You can catch the final match here. 

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