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Advertising with an Online Business Magazine
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Advertising with Online Business Magazine

Advertising with Online Business Magazine

Magazine advertising, which usually tends to focus on niche audiences, is trustworthy and less invasive than other advertising forms. But it is important to know the aspects of online magazine advertising. Online business magazines are not like print magazines where the reader flicks through pages leisurely, looking at content, photos and ads. Therefore it is important to know how to advertise in magazines.

The key to advertising with an online business magazine is to come up with advertisements, which are appealing, and arouse an inner interest in the online customers. When advertising for a product with an online business magazine, the advertiser must consider that he/she has a specified period of time to seize the attention of his/her online potential customers.

‘How to’ Strategy

Sentences beginning with the words 'How to' are very effective when advertising for a product online. The words 'How to' tends to have an inducing effect on the potential online customers. The words 'How to' will keep his/ her customers guessing, and at the same time will keep them in a mesmerized state of mind. Hence, they will want to read even more about the product. But just a ‘how to’ wouldn’t do. You will have hundreds of thousands of pages and articles belonging to different industries. I am sure, you don’t want your brand to be overlooked by the readers.

The readers can overlook your advertisement when it is placed out of context. So making a great advertisement and not placing it at the right place can make you land in trouble. What you exactly need to do is place your advertisement on articles that either mention your brand or at least relate to the industry and category your product/service falls into.

Playing with the Readers’ Emotions

There are a lot of effective strategies for magazine advertising. Advertising with an online business magazine will require you to well plan your advertisement. You need to write a headline, which is in the form of a question, and which will question your potential customer's emotions. Remember that the customers (in fact, reader is the most appropriate word in this context, even though we refer to them as customers when talking about advertising) do not have all the time in the world. You will just have a fraction of their time to hit at the right spot. Grabbing the target audiences’ attention in a fraction of time is a challenging job.

On reading the question based headline, your target audience will most definitely answer that question mentally, depending on their want and desires. However, if the question identifies a specific need in their lives, and they feel the product will have a pronounced and genuine effect on their lives, they will end up researching more information about the side effects of the product, and most probably purchase the product in the end. Now because you want to advertise with an online business magazine, your head, body and tail should be molded in a language your target audience wants to read.

You need to be aware that effectiveness is difficult to measure. Many might tell you they saw your ad; but don't pull your ads just because you don't get immediate feedback. Be eager to change your endorsement strategy as necessary and add to competing online business magazines as your business grows.


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