Adidas Runtastic creates waves across the IFA 2015
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Runtastic Fun

(Image: Runtastic Moment Classic (left); Runtastic Moment Elite (Centre); Runtastic Fun (Right).

Runtastic, the mobile-focused fitness tracking company that was recently acquired by Adidas for $239 has just launched its first official smartwatch.

Like every other smartwatch-wristband in the market, the analog wristwatch by Adidas doubles as an activity tracker called the Runtastic Moment. The smartwatch is brimming with pretty impressive abilities and has a combination of sensors, active minutes, and calories burned, as well as sleep cycles. Perhaps, the most exciting of all is that the analog wristwatch is waterproof up to 300 feet, which means it can be worn during swimming. It doesn’t exactly help wearer’s with swimming-related tracking, but it in the near future, Runtastic hopes to add features that may help track swim strokes.

Its nonchargeable battery life looks promising as well. Runtastic estimated that the watch should last for about 6 month on a standard coin battery.

Runtastic Moment pairs wirelessly over Bluetooth to share data with its accompanying eponymous for iPhone and Android.

Runstastic Moment comes in offers four models across two different price points.

The Fun and the Basic version have a stainless steel case, a silicon strap and come at $130, with the Basic having a slightly larger watch face. Both the version as available in four colors – plum, sand, raspberry, and indigo.

While, the Elite Moment and the Moment Classic are designed with a more “classy” face and come at $180. The Elite version has a black leather strap, while the Moment version is available in silver, gold and rose gold.

All models have analog faces, where the main hands show minutes and hours just like any other watch, but the smaller dial shows 0-100% of progress on whatever goal the user has set through the Runtastic mobile app.

It’s not the health-and-fitness mobile app maker's first product in the market. Earlier this year, it announced the $110 Orbit activity-tracker that is set to release in December 2015.

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