Active and Effective, Planning a Productive Schedule

Productive Schedule

Do you have a productive schedule? Take a brief look around your cubicle. Are there any notes taped to your board, pinned to your desktop, hanging off your CPU and monitor? This suggests a To Do List, which needs to be completed and checked out before a deadline.

In the times of economic uncertainty, the pressure to work longer hours along with maintaining productivity is increasing. With the added extra pressures of professional life, it is more crucial than ever to maintain a productive balance between work and life. Work smarter, not harder- is an old phenomenon nowadays. Now it is all about work harder and smarter.


Planning a productive schedule is quite a personal stuff to do. Some of us corner over obsessive schedules, others prefer basic outline of TO-DO to tackle most significant goals. The main problem that arises is, even those individuals who believe ardently in the power of planning a schedule, might not know about how to create a successful one.

There are certain steps to create and complete an office list of stuff to do while maintaining productivity. Your mind and your body tend to function at the best when you maintain and follow a schedule that is relatively regular and consistent. Awful sleep timings and working over odd hours confuses an individual’s system. Planning an efficient and consistent schedule is a feat in itself and helps you to come out as more productive.


Establishing a framework is the basic step of planning ‘To-Do’ in consideration with productivity. It generally works in three basic procedures namely- The Mindset, The Schedule, and The Planning.

The Mindset– Get your thinking focused, sharp, and straight. Cut out all the unproductive actions and unnecessary distractions from your life ruthlessly. Stay hyper-focused. Instead of being Active and Busy, start being Active and Effective. Figure out the actions, which are leading you successfully towards your goal, and start polishing those items. Identify your goals and values ahead of time, because a great system of productivity schedules only those actions, which are built upon goals and values. Maintain a simple productivity schedule. No procrastination, no excuses when it comes to work. Avoid Ambiguity at every cost, as it is the biggest enemy of productivity.

The Schedule– Your schedule comes in the list of second most significant stuff to establish. You should be aware of your work hours and the type of work that is to be performed during those hours. Scheduling will make it easier for you to plan your task ahead of time and it will kill the hassle of decision making ‘On-The-Spot’. In case if you aren’t able to follow your work schedule, you could effectively take these points into consideration.

Get up early. Plan a calendar. Cut down extra hour’s time-consuming activities like surfing social media websites more than necessary. Plan a Do Not Do List.

The Plan– The planning part comes as the third most important aspect in the system of the framework. If you need to get your work done without compromising productivity, figure out entire schedule you will be filling a certain time with. It is best to sit down and work with knowledge, instead of starting work without any knowledge. Start with the long view, plan the next day, next week, next 3-6 months, and a year probably. Stick to your plan, and if in case it is not happening, do not lose hope. Re-start and re-adjust your work plans. Stay motivated. Follow Nike’s philosophy and ‘Just Do It”.

Secrets of Industry Leaders

Running the most complex organizations in the world can be very challenging. Probably your inbox is full of emails in an amount that is no less than a Nigerian scam email rings. The deadlines to your tasks are amassing up like that of some car wreck in an hour of a rush. Your meeting counts are more than that of a track team. This all signifies a single fact, which is- you are really behind your planned task schedule. Definitely, every single person’s productivity takes a huge hit of turmoil back and forth, but then top CEOs of the world aren’t just normal people. They cannot afford ordinary productivity issues to lay their business behind.

How do these industry leaders, who are supposed to be highly productive, manage to complete everything ahead of the given time? Of course, there is no way to imitate them as everyone comes out with different work scheduling skills, but there are lots of useful stuff that are so incredible when it comes to productivity. You can learn those skills directly from individuals who have been spending a hell lot of time planning about seeking as much as possible out of their day. How do they do it? The same, by maintaining a productive schedule- planning a mindset, scheduling tasks, and setting the work plans.

Carrie Ann
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