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Anna Domanska


4 years ago

Gone are the days when people spent money on expensive jewelry to give the impression of belonging to the elite class. Buying expensive jewelry was considered to be a status symbol but now we prefer splurging the same money on gadgets. Technology is something which keeps updating itself on a regular basis and also intrigues us to quite an extent. Such tech devices are a necessity in our day-to-day lives but owning a tech piece as an asset has its own charm. Catering to such demands, a number of exorbitantly priced gadgets are out in the market to add to your style quotient. They might burn a hole in your pocket but they definitely boost your self esteem.

Another impressive feature of these stylish gadgets is that the unique level of innovation will never fail to surprise you. These gadgets form a perfect balance between attractive designs along with the latest concepts of technology. The only drawback is that you are expected to pay a hefty price for this amalgamation. People are willing to do that as well in order to keep up with the trend and flash such a stylish gadget under their ownership. If you own any of the gadgets listed below, you will definitely be a popular topic of conversation in the next party you walk into. People will not only look up to you due to your style quotient but also respect you for your updated knowledge in the tech field.

1.   Ringly Luxe smart bracelet

The company Ringly derived its name due to its first ever product which went on to become a success in the wearable tech world. Ringly is considered to be a pioneer when it comes to smart jewelry. Its first innovation was a smart ring whose success inspired the company to create more pieces of jewelry based on the same concept. After the chunky ring comes the Ringly Luxe smart bracelet with the same semi-precious stone and high quality metal. And needless to say, they are even more gorgeous than the smart rings. This bracelet range is dubbed as the Aries collection by the company.

Ringly Luxe

The founder and CEO of Ringly, Christina Mercandod’ Avignon stated that the main thought behind the designing of this smart bracelet was that even without the technical advantages, a customer would feel like owning this device as a jewelry piece well. This means that it not only comes with attractive features but with a design you can’t resist buying. Coming to the tech features of this pretty bracelet, like any other wearable it buzzes you with notifications which you have selected as important ones on the sync app on your smartphone. The highlight is that the smart bracelet is compatible with more than 200 apps. You are also given the option to customize your notifications accordingly. Such a feature helps you avoid missing important calls in case your phone is in your purse and also stop from giving rise to embarrassment by keeping your phone in your hand at all times. Rumors suggest that soon you will also be able to make mobile payments from this gadget. It also keeps a count on the physical steps you take. Available in gold, rose gold, and silver, it starts at the price of $165.

2.   Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

We all are aware of those humid mornings when our hair refuses to behave and is all over the place. At such a time, your hair dryer comes to the rescue. A hair dryer is usually a part of the everyday getting ready routine to make sure that the hair stays where it should be. But had you ever thought that you would splurge $400 on a hair dryer? Well here is the most extravagant hair dryer of all times. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is a result of extensive research which caused the company an expenditure of almost $65 million. This seems amusing as since the hair dryer was first invented in the year of 1920, there has not been much of a change except for the design and compact finish. This is in regard to the fact that as it has only one feature to offer, there isn’t much scope for change either. Despite this, Dyson decided to take this piece of technology a notch higher.

Dyson supersonic hair dryer

The company Dyson was originally known as an expert in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners. Based on the same working mechanism, the company decided to try a hand at hair dryers as well. One thing the makers of this hair dryer confidently promise that this hair dryer is nothing like the one you have been using for years. It has a stylish design in gray and pink with a non-slipping mat and a limited edition leather case for its storage. The hair dryer assures fast drying without causing harm to your hair due to excessive heat. This is done by measuring the temperature twenty times in a second to retain the natural shine of your hair. It comes with a number of tools for precision styling.

3.   ZIIP

We live in an age wherein people are ready to pay a price to look good, literally. The best way to make your skin glow is through proper blood circulation. Another major concern these days is acne and the ugly spots it leaves behind. There are a number of creams which dries up the acne instead of treating it from the roots. This is followed by the issue of wrinkled skin which may make you look older than you actually are. What if we tell you that there is a device which simultaneously deals with all these skin problems? ZIIP Beauty believes in solving all these problems from its roots.


Even if you go for the most basic facial treatment, it will cost you at least $150. You happily spend this money as it makes your skin look as well as feel great. But what if we told you that you could have such flawless skin everyday that too at home? This is what ZIIP Beauty caters to. Using this device, one can get a nano-current facial. This kind of facial delivers electric current right to your cells which helps kill any kind of bacteria that forms acne and also tighten the skin wherever necessary. Apart from this, it helps in blood circulation for the natural glow. The device looks like an ordinary computer mouse but can perform miracles on your skin. At the price of $495, it is a onetime investment instead of spending money on facials every few weeks.

4.   Michael Kors smartwatch

Owning a smartwatch is something maybe you always wanted to do but the only drawback is that wearing a huge technical device on your wrist doesn’t always go with your attire. In order to solve this problem, Michael Kors has come up with its own smartwatch. The highlight of this product is that the features of a smartwatch are disguised in the form of a statement piece of jewelry. It is inspired by the original Bradshaw watch and consists of the Android Wear technology.

Michael Kors smartwatch

The best feature which will certainly appeal to an individual is that you can personalize the dial according to one’s preferences for various apps. Along with this, the digital dial perfectly blends with the luxurious design of this watch which makes it look like a designer watch on the first glance. The price range of this watch begins from $350 and goes up to $450 in accordance with the customized straps bought. The dial of the watch is available in gold, rose gold, and silver.

5.   BeoSound 1

There are so many portable speakers in the market that one’s mind will be blown by the variety as well as price range. The efficiency and features each portable speaker claims to offer are usually highly updated. The wide range of portable speakers has made it extremely difficult to pick one and call it the best among the lot. But here we have picked a portable speaker which will help oomph up the style quotient in your home and will act as an oblivious ensemble as a part of your décor during parties. BeoSound 1 is bound to impress you.

Beosound 1

Let’s first begin with the price of BeoSound 1 so that one gets a clear idea about the lavishness of this gadget. The BeoSound 1 is available at the price of $1,495 and its updated version the BeoSound 2 is at the price of $1,895. Moving on to the design of the portable speaker, the sleek silvery design will blend in with the artifacts of your home and one may not even realize that it’s a speaker. All you have to do is connect this speaker to your phone through a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and it will browse through all the music apps available on your phone. The intuitive control feature provides easy access to the options on this speaker. Its 16 hours of battery life will be enough to even pull an all-night party.

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