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A Business of Security: Google, Dropbox Partner to Build Ease of Use Internet Security

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Inside Dropboxs Urbanized San Francisco

Inside Dropbox's Urbanized San Francisco Office

In the age of digitization where the recent celebrity photo hack and revelation behind meagre privacy shook the security industry, there are some organization focused on making the world a secure place. Dropbox, Google and the Open Technology World are advocating their support to a new organization devoted to making open-source security and privacy tools simpler and more effective. Led by Sara Sinclair Brody, product manager at Google, the organization recognized the need to have a more secure system in a world where passwords are increasingly becoming complications to remember and tricky to use.

The organization that goes by the name of Simply Secure, has adopted a pretty straightforward mission: to make security simpler to use, to guarantee that technology respects the privacy of its users and to engage individuals on the best way to appropriately utilize existing open-source security alternatives. The organization will be working with security programmers to lend their mastery.

"While consumer-facing security tools exist and are technically effective, they often have low adoption rates because they're inconvenient or too confusing for the average person to operate," says Simply Secure in a press release. "Even well-known features like two-factor authentication, offered by many online services, are not widely used."

The organization goes on to say that "no matter how effective security technologies are, people will not use them unless they become more accessible and easier to understand. We need simpler options for stronger security, available at our fingertips." Simply Secure by teaming up with the existing open-source security community and providing them resources, hopes to enhance the ease of use and security for devices and services.

"There are already many credible and exciting software-development efforts that aim to make privacy and security ubiquitous," the organization states in its first blog post. "Rather than create redundant initiatives, we will focus on supporting existing open source work by providing usability and development expertise, direct ties to user communities, connections to funding sources, and other resources."

The organization’s advisory board without a doubt filled with some of the most distinguished professionals of our era. Sara "Scout" Sinclair Brody, product manager at Google, heads Simply Secure as chief after having worked on the infamous two-step verification, the Android operating framework and uProxy. Different parts of the association incorporate Google security engineer Ben Laurie; Wendy Seltzer, policy counsel to the World Wide Web Consortium; and Angela Sasse, head of data security research and chief of the Science of Cyber Security Research Institute at University College London.

"We hope that this effort will result in more pleasing and robust tools that meet users' privacy and security needs where they are - from layering additional security on top of popular name-brand cloud platforms, to augmenting small, stand-alone mobile apps," the organization says.

It's an imperative venture forward as tech goliaths are progressively getting to be mindful of privacy and security concerns from their users. While Simply Secure won't be giving a speedy fix for digital security, giving resources and expertise to enhancing the current scenario, it should not be forgotten that it will turn out to be a long-term success in the near future.


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