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After $800 Billion, Apple Inc is not far from $1 Trillion Market Valuation
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In February 2015, Apple Inc’s market valuation reached $774.7 billion. But this week, Apple broke all its previous records to become the first company that is valued at $800 billion. Apple market valuation has seen tremendous increase in the past years, and this milestone achieved, the Silicon Valley company has become the first ever public trading company to achieve the $800 billion feat.

apple market valuation reaches 800 billion

Apple is certainly the most valuable company in the Silicon Valley, and now it has become even more valuable. The company saw all-time high prices of shares at $153.99, with a rise at 0.6 percent on Tuesday. As a record, this is a first for any giant company of the U.S. to reach this mark. The Cupertino company has almost 5.2 billion shares in market circulation.

Interestingly, same time during last year, Apple reported a decline (year-over-year) in its quarterly revenue. This happened for the first time in thirteen years, according to the report on Entrepreneur. Even for its 2017 earnings report, the tech company reported lesser sales of Macs and iPads compared to 2016. The sales of Macs were down by 4 percent. On the other hand, the sales of iPads were down by 12 percent.

apple market valuation 800 billion dollars

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the World a Decade Ago

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone exactly a decade ago, and this phone has become the number 1 device to drive majority of sales for the company. Apple’s iPhone 8 is also set to debut in this fall. Apple has seen a decline in sales and it is speculated if the company can top the sales charts with its iPhone again or with a new device all-together.

Bloomberg reported that the shares of Apple Inc. have seen a rise at 33 percent since the start of 2017. The buy-back programme started by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has also helped his company progress at this rate. Moreover, Bloomberg notices that the rise of the mobile manufacturing companies in the recent years and the decline of oil industry, both aspects show the significance of the emerging mobile technology.

Apple Market Valuation may Hit $1 Trillion

apple market valuation 800 billion

Apple CEO, Tim Cook

Even more, analyst Brian White at Drexel Hamilton estimates Apple’s 12-month price target at $202 per share. This shows a possibility that the Cupertino giant is on its way to hit the $1 trillion valuation mark very soon. Apple market valuation gaining the $1 trillion feat is maybe a few years down the line, but certainly not a small speculation.

Even when the sales of iPhone units, iPads, and Macs saw a decline, Apple market valuation has shown signs of growth. CEO, Time Cook also aims to target higher-margin service markets like the iCloud and App Store; along with bringing new products like AirPod wireless headphones and Apple Watches to the market.

We think that if Apple can manage touching the $800 billion mark even during a stagnant phase; then it will strongly move towards the $1 trillion mark once it sees the pink phase in sales again.

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