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5 Top Mobility Companies to Watch in 2019

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As the world gets more mobile, more alternatives of commute have emerged. Urban dwellers are rethinking how they move around and this has given way to the rise of mobility tech companies offering ride-sharing, parking booking, electric scooters, autonomous vehicles, and other mobility solutions.

The mobility market is said to be a trillion-dollar market attracting massive investments. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, since 2010, investors have poured $220 billion into more than 1,100 companies across ten technology clusters.

As this booming industry takes better shape, tech companies, venture capitalists, automotive OEMs are attempting to solidify their position in the industry.

We look at 5 top companies that are disrupting the mobility transport industry this year.


Motivate - top mobility companies

Motivate is one of the largest bike-sharing companies in the US and a pioneer in the mobility industry. It offers a flexible method to rent bikes for short trips in contrast to the traditional bike-renting companies. Recently, the company has been acquired by ride-sharing company Lyft. According to Lyft, Motivate accounts for about 80 percent of bike-sharing trips in the US. In 2019, their partnership is expected to further boost the mobility sector and revolutionize urban transport across the country.


siemens - top mobility companies

Siemens is an industry leader in industrial manufacturing. Siemens Mobility is a separate arm by Siemens which offers services in a wide array of mobility tech – rail automation and electrification, intelligent traffic systems, and related services. Considered to be one of the top mobility companies, the team at Siemens mobility is focused on reimagining the way people travel by making transport infrastructure safe, entertaining, and sustainable. The Siemens mobility team is in the process of developing flexible, cost-effective vehicles for automated transport around the world. It was the first to launch the world's first autonomous train.


Bird - top mobility companies

A dockless electric scooter sharing company based out of Santa Monica, Bird is one of the most sought-after mobility companies in the world. The scooters which people can rent on-the-go is a winner with the concept receiving an overwhelming response from both riders and investors. According to Time Magazine, since former Lyft and Uber executive Travis VanderZanden founded Bird in 2017, the company has raised $418 million. Bird is also a clear winner among the many e-scooter service providers including the likes of Scoot, Skip, Spin, and Jump.


Citymapper - top mobility companies

What puts Citymapper in our list of top mobility companies to watch in 2019, is its innovative concept that has seemed to impress many. The Citymapper app integrates data from all urban modes of transport, from walking to cycling. Since travelers today have a lot of transport options to choose from, Citymapper simplifies the process of navigating all this and helps users select the best route and transport option for their travel. Today more than 20 million people in 39 cities use the app to streamline their daily commute.


EasyMile - top mobility companies

EasyMile is one of the best mobility tech companies offering autonomous vehicles and intelligent mobility solutions. Its EasyMile EZ10 autonomous passenger bus is available across 16 countries and in varied projects including airport transport and city transport. It’s also used in universities like Melbourne University and National Taiwan University for student commute and it’s expected to be a part of many other campuses and cities shortly.

A pioneer in autonomous vehicle transport, the company also develops intelligent mobility solutions to automate both passenger and goods transport. Its clients include some of the world’s largest transport operators, city authorities, airports, business parks, and universities.

These top mobility companies are flourishing in the current convenience and technology-driven ‘shared’ economy. And while many new players have entered the market, the above companies are leading the pack with innovative products, intelligent solutions, and creative business models - Each an industry leader in its mobility sub-segment.

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