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5 Things most influential leaders do

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most influential leaders

The people you remember in your life are the ones who influenced you in one way or another. These people make you listen to their thoughts and ideas while also appreciating the same from your side. It might be one of the most influential leaders of the world or it might be your parents, teacher, boss or a colleague.

Real influence does not come with title or position. It comes from understanding individuals and their most fundamental and basic needs and wants. Everyone wants to be heard, understood, and appreciated at some level. Some people have a natural ability to charm and influence people while others need to develop the art of influencing.

If you do not possess the charm already, here are some things that most influential leaders do, and you can learn the art of influencing by following their footprints. It is not necessary to be a leader that everyone knows; you can also impact your employees, colleagues, friends, and family by inspiring them through your influential skills.

1. Observe everything keenly

Most people do not provide enough attention to the tiny details, that are sometimes most important in understanding one’s surroundings. It is really important to know those people that surround you to create a lasting impression on them. Be the one who notices the important aspects that will impact your surroundings and your community. Be the one who observes complex patterns in the world and comes up with a simpler version for the rest of us. Being able to foresee something that will uplift human life will always be attention-grabbing for other people.

2. Be a compelling writer

Content is the king, for today’s world. The best kind of communication is done using the keyboard. Whether it is a tweet, blog post, email, comment, white paper or a book, your message would be judged. Your message should communicate powerfully even when it is in the form of simple words. So, make your point concise and clear. This skill will take some time to master, but you will require practicing it on a regular basis.

3.Engage people with your speech

There’s no point of saying something if no one is interested in listening to it. As a speaker, you need to be confident and deliver your speech succinctly and clearly. Include examples and stories so that people can relate and understand your message in a better way. Be enthusiastic and passionate about whatever you say, if you are not interested enough, why would anyone else be? Record your speech and watch it to improve your speech over time. If you have something really important to share, it is your duty to share it with those who need to hear it.Recognize other’s accomplishments

4. Recognize other’s accomplishments

Everyone values being acknowledged for their achievements and contribution. Addressing those achievements will ensure that you will be remembered positively. Make sure that those accomplishments are real and not phony, otherwise it will create a distrust for the person giving it. Appreciating the real efforts will make you stand out from those who didn’t even notice their hard work and dedication. If possible, address everyone with their names and try to remember few personal details, which will establish trust for you among the people.

5. Ask for advice

You feel like an expert, every time someone asks for your advice. Don’t you? Everyone has an area of expertise that they are really proud of; asking for their advice in such an area will boost their confidence. Such an approach will show that we have faith in them and value their opinion. When someone expects great things from you, it will naturally make you feel good about yourself and you will give your best to prove them right. Such approach results in great accomplishments as people will know that you have faith in them.

Follow these principles to develop yourself in one of the most influential leaders and share these with your friends and colleagues to change their life significantly.

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