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5 Must Have Travel Apps for Business Travelers

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Must have travel apps

The era of paperless traveling has begun, with e-confirmations, online travel booking, and digital boarding passes on the boom. Business travelers just need a smartphone to manage anything at one go, from logging expenses to work hours and signing contracts. There are a few must have travel apps, which they should consider going through for a pain-free and comfortable business traveling experience.

Business traveling can be a pleasure, but it can also turn out as a painful one. With the focus on making it more of the pleasure for you, our Industry Leaders Magazine has compiled a list of must have business travel apps.

These 5 apps for business travelers will serve as a great aid for various kinds of situations you might find yourself surrounded by, no matter where you are.

Must Have Travel Apps:



Screen Grab: TripIt

TripIt is your instant trip planner for mobile. The app shows your entire details all in one place, such as flights, map, hotels, directions, and car. You can synchronize your traveling plans with your mobile calendar or online, share itineraries, and update your travel plans with posts on social networking website like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The best part of this app is that you can easily forward the entire set of confirmation emails from your personal email id to TripIt account, and let the app sort out everything for you afterward.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone

Cost: TripIt Basic- Free, TripIt Pro- USD $49/year



Screen Grab: Scannable

Instead of looking around painstakingly for a scanner or trying to angle your smartphone camera, install Scannable in your phone and point it normally towards the direction to be scanned. The app uses various contrast levels to find out the data that needs to be scanned. Once it detects, it automatically scans, straightens and whitens the image for a neat, crisp, and professional looking document. Multiple documents can be scanned in an order and combined into a single PDF document, and then it can be saved to Evernote or sent via email.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry

Price: Free for Evernote

#Google Translate

Google Translate

Screen Grab: Google Translate

If you are in another country for business travel, make sure you have this conversation starter along with you. Google Translate is an attractive application, which will help you to ease through the language barrier in various situations; it can be a business meeting with Japanese or Chinese delegates, or while exploring the city in your free time. With this app, you have an access to the translation of 90 languages. So you wouldn’t feel lost at your destination completely. Either type in the word box of the app or, to translate a particular phrase, use the speaking option.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows

Price: Free



Screen Grab: GateGuru

This app is a fantastic application to manage your full traveling day. You can easily navigate the application in the way you like. The home screen will offer you a direct access to Airport Card, which has been pre-populated with the list of closest airports in your area. It will entirely summarize your itinerary and connect the dots for you. The helpful information that you can get out of this is terminals for arrival and departure, airport maps, airport weather, and tips if you are in an unfamiliar airport. The best part of this feature is the stats. It will give you an entire summary of your travel plan.

Compatibility: Android, Windows, iOS

Price: Free



Screen Grab: Uber App

How could one forget the importance of this app? Especially when it comes to traveling around places for meetings in a foreign country! Showing up at your meeting with investors in a private black Uber car definitely makes a great impression, rather than arriving in the one arranged by the hotel. Uber is the ultimate future of cabs. Do not waste your time hoping to find a decent cab arranged by hotel or driver showing up on time, instead, use Uber and book your ride. You can easily track the time of arrival for your private car on a smartphone, take a comfortable seat after being welcomed by a professional driver, and let the app take care of ride payment via various online transfer options.

Compatibility: Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry

Price: Free

These apps for business travelers do it all, from finding the nearest hotels, airports, organize your travel plans, and so much more. So, this was our list of 5 must have travel apps for business travelers. What about you? Have you made the list of apps needed to be installed in your smartphone for your next business trip already?

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