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5 most essential apps for entrepreneurs

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When you are an entrepreneur, you cannot expect to have any days off or not to get involved in the business for few days. You eat, sleep and breathe your business, with your personal life squeezed between sideways. You will be responsible for any crisis or decision making, however small it may be. You will require a helping hand to maintain a work-life-health balance. Here are some apps for entrepreneurs like you that will make your entrepreneurial life easier.


Entrepreneurs have an endless number of things going on in their mind at any particular moment. So how to remember all these ideas when you are in the middle of some work? Note it down on Evernote. Evernote allows you to note down your ideas and also enables you to save any Internet clipping. Further, you can share these notes with your colleagues or employees via social media or email. It also has a built-in chat option that will allow you to discuss on any shared items.

Evernote’s premium version involves additional features like turning scribbles, notes and clippings into a presentation with the ease of a click. You can also scan your business card and add it to your contacts automatically by using this wonderful app.


Dropbox is an amazing app that lets you use cloud storage to store important documents and share it with your colleagues and employees. Dropbox contains individual as well as business apps to help you and your employees to access all the necessary documents even when you are not in the office premises. There are several other similar products available in the market, but Dropbox still remains unbeatable. This app is available for free (up to 2GB storage) on Android and iOS.  However if you require more storage, you would require an update to paid version with more storage. (50GB is available for $10 per month and 100GB is available for $20 per month.)


Ego app allows busy entrepreneurs to keep a track of his company’s online presence. This app allows the user to quickly view the number of visits on his company’s website. It provides the statistics on an hourly, daily and monthly basis. It can also allow you to keep a check on your company’s twitter account, number of people following it and much more. Garrett Murray, the founder of Karbon developed this remarkable to help entrepreneurs on the go to stay updated with his or her company’s online existence. You can download this app on your iPhone or iPad and you are good to go.


Most of the entrepreneurs get introduced to a lot of new people via work on daily basis. While majority of them will have no impact on your business, there will be some relationships that can flourish into a profitable business partnership if they are properly nurtured. Contactually will help you manage your contacts and will prevent losing important contacts that can prove to be profitable in future.

This app collects all the contact details from your Smartphone, social media and email all in one place. Then, it requests you to segregate your contacts into buckets on the basis of importance, and allows you to set reminders for each. Based on your buckets, Contactually will remind you contact some specific person and will show you his or her detailed profile information. Additionally, Contactually will provide you with some topics to talk about like your last conversation, a new promotion or their latest holiday, so that you can dial their number confidently.


So you thought I forgot to address work-life balance which I mentioned earlier? No sir! Here is the one of the apps for entrepreneurs to balance their personal life as well.

Schemes is an app that will allow you to send scheduled messages using SMS, Twitter, Facebook or Gmail. You can stay in touch with your family and friends, especially when it counts the most. You can send a scheduled mail to your client or can send a happy birthday text to your friends at midnight. Want to schedule your tweets and facebook status update? Schemes will do that for you.

So here are our recommended apps for entrepreneurs that will provide you a helping hand. Do you have any other apps that help you make your entrepreneurial life easier? If so, share it with us.

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