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5 Extraordinary Rules of Productive Work

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productive workQuick-fixes in business or personal life do not work. All lasting and effective change requires time and effort. Persistence is another dynamic. So, before you apply the five extraordinary rules of productive work you should know that it will take weeks to make profound changes in your work life. Meticulously apply these rules of productivity and while you’re at it, enjoy the process of personal growth.

Picture this: You wake up at dawn, perform yoga or physical regimen without fail, and spend the first two hours in silence. Some days, you take a walk to the park or go running with your dog and smile each time you meet fellow walkers. As each day passes, you grow kind and gentle due to environmental influence.

Once you experience the joy this technique brings, you’ll realize the infinite potential of your mind and begin to release that impeccable energy that currently hibernates within you. You will see yourself turning into a strong, commanding yet compassionate leader with tremendous inner strength. You lose yourself of all indolence that once governed you. After all, fatigue is the manifestation of a rusting mind. It controls those who are living without dreams or goals and acts as a walking cane when you’re performing tasks.

An old African proverb goes like this: ‘When spider webs unite, they tie up a lion.” Such is the virtue of self-discipline. When you continually practice the art of self-discipline, there will be no obstacle too big for you or no challenge too though for you. Willpower will allow you to stop procrastinating tasks that you somehow think will be magically completed. Self-discipline allows you to keep up to your commitments.

If you have trouble with disciplining your mind and body, you can start with simple exercises. Start doing things you don’t like doing. For it could be as simple as doing the dishes or taking the stairs to work rather than the elevator. Liberate the strength of your will and cultivate self-mastery. Don’t wait to be inspired into action. Like Nike says: ‘Just do it.’ Imaging how much you could have gained if you had double or triple the willpower you currently have.

Respect time. For time serves as a daily reminder of the importance of productive living while advancing our purposes. Time never returns and this is why many of us are prisoners of the ‘what if’ past. Industry leaders who are highly efficient with their time live up to their full potential. Time management does not just apply to professional life. One needs to take a holistic approach towards it for it to make life more meaningful and balanced. Invest your time in improving your knowledge, enriching your relationships, and in becoming an efficient leader.

Live. Our mind is flooded by a million thoughts pulling us into different directions. All you have to do is live for today. Enjoy the beauty of now and savor it. Let’s say you’re worried over a lost business deal or financial bankruptcy due to a bad business deal. Will that bankrupt you of the mindfulness too? No. Don’t kid yourself into believing that you will make up for what is lost once all of this is over. No matter what your current circumstances might be, you need to fill your existence with now, the richness of living.

Maintain momentum. One of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, F. Scott, Fitzgerald devoted his life to developing one single novel, The Great Gatsby that defined the Jazz-Age in the nineteenth century. He would write and rewrite and hone each word, each sentence to perfection. When you think of a strong idea, don’t just sit on it until it turns onto cold ice. You must maintain the sense of excitement you had when it first came to your mind. Many of us - whether building a house or a business idea – fail to maintain momentum. You need to work on that idea constantly because the minute we lose the thread to inspiration, it’s just another deadbeat idea. The key to productive work is to get moving – keep moving.

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