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5 Challenges that Startups usually face
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Launching a startup can be exciting and rewarding but also nerve-wracking and challenging at times. There will be endless issues coming up for first-time entrepreneurs as they launch, may it be financial, legal, marketing, or staffing.

Here are the challenges that startups face during their establishing their business:

Need Fixing

If the problem you solve is already addressed by other companies, you need to make sure that you fix the gap in the quality of product that you deliver as compared to your competitor. If your product is well-planned, fulfills an urgent need or provides a better solution, your business will flourish regardless of the economic climate. But if your product is poorly planned, it will fail in best of the market conditions. Investors will also like to invest in a company that has planned and executed their course of action in a better and non-conventional way.

Execution of Plan

Even if you have a fail-safe plan, you require a smart execution to get the required results. No matter how many people had the same idea before or executed a similar one, but if you execute the plan in a better and timely manner, you can beat the already-established ones.


Always bear in mind that cash is the king, whether you go for equity funding or debt. You need to first consider every aspect of business and calculate the amount that you require, to execute the plan. Do not neglect the terms of getting funds and foresee how you will get it. It is tough to have investor’s interest until you have a concrete idea that addresses a real-life problem.

Recruiting the right talent

Hiring is one of the most common challenges that startups face as they have less to offer to the candidate as compared to their competitors or other companies who offer similar job role. When companies are in its initial phase, people are less willing to join the team due to lack of trust and associated failure risks. Having the right team is really helpful in achieving business success.


Most of the tech startups fail to realize the importance of marketing and business development and concentrate only on the technical details. There are ample chances that they do not have a marketing team, so as a solution they can outsource their company’s marketing activities or have a co-founder or mentor who is an expert in marketing and brand promotion.

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