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5 Bad Habits Preventing You from Becoming Happier and More Productive
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Bad habits have the tendency to go unnoticed. It is only when you pay close attention to how your actions are affecting your environment that you realize how destructive they can be. When you implement positive habits, you become happier and more productive. Itโ€™s good to be aware of bad habits that could potentially hamper the happiness quotient of your company or impact your core business values.

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When you start your own business, youโ€™re committing yourself to doing something you may have never done before โ€“ coming out of your comfort zone. Youโ€™re risking your money and reputation to build something you believe in. All this while, the worst thing you can do is fall into the habit of self-doubt.

A PwC Annual CEO Survey found that highly successful leaders donโ€™t let self-doubt derail them from. When you let self-doubt cripple your ability to do what matters to you, youโ€™re involuntarily consumed by feelings of inadequacy. When you know what you stand for and what is important to you, everything else goes away.

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Nobody cares about your invention more than you do. Nobody is going to take the โ€˜doing whatever it takesโ€™ attitude to get your idea off the ground. You find someone โ€“ a consultant or an industry specialist โ€“ who wants to help you out with their expertise. Still, entrepreneurs needย to rely less on others and be more independent.


Failure to delegate is a common leadership problem. You cannot keep your subordinates from operating independently and becoming more productive. When you constantly fail to delegate, you cripple your team of its productivity and success. You could be the smartest guy in the room, and even so, you need to leverage your team more. Learn to delegate more so that you are able to devote more time and energy to things that add greater value to your business.

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When you get angry, you lose your wits to a negative emotion. Not to mention, youโ€™re driving people away from you. As a leader, you need to thrive on people, followers, employees and loyal brand aficionados. Throwing temper, when things donโ€™t go your way is not a good way of showing your passion for what you do. This is the problem with leaders today. They equate anger for passion when things donโ€™t work out. Getting angry over things, isnโ€™t the way to deal with an issue.


Multitasking doesnโ€™t always save your time or make you more productive. In fact, it eats your time, making you less efficient at everything you have on your hands. A leader should need to put all of their focus on one thing to get the maximum results.

Commit to become happier by cementing positive habits and thoughts. Have something to say about more productive habits? Share it in the comments.

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