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This 3D Printed Case can Easily Load Android onto an iPhone 6 Plus
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Ever thought of running Android operating system on Apple devices? Well, a developer who goes by the name Nick Lee has figured out a way to get Android up and running on an iPhone 6 Plus.

Developer and Tendigi CTO, Lee is no stranger to doing such things. Previously he got an Apple Watch to run Windows 95 operating system and now he’ s out with his new project that allows Android Marshmallow to work with an iPhone using a specialized iPhone case.

3D printed case

The entire setup here comprises of three elements, a custom build of Android, a board that ran Android, and a 3D printed case to hold the board in.

Though the case was a bit of a challenge, Lee ended up buying a 3D printer to build the case himself after going through a number of design iterations. The 3D printed iPhone case was then outfitted with a built-in Lemaker HiKey board along with a battery pack, and other hardware so it could support Android version. The case is then connected to the iPhone’s Lightning port, which turns the iPhone into a display and mimicking touch events on Android.

When the iPhone is able to display the Android operating system, the Android OS itself is powered by the hardware in the case. Lee demonstrated using a Nexus 5 as the reference device for the project and an 8-core, 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor.

The first version of the case was pretty bulky, but Lee was able to considerably shrink the case containing the parts down to a normal size and perfect the connection between the case and the iPhone. It even includes USB and HDMI ports and a microSD card slot, too. The iPhone case is now the size of a standard battery case that allows the iPhone, display and control a full version of Android.

Lee showed how everything from WiFi to the Play Store to the calculator app works. Though the performance isn’t exactly groundbreaking, the feat itself is incredible and Lee has proved to the world that it is indeed possible. He outlines in his blog post, explaining that he essentially cloned the Android Open Source Project to make a customized version of Android Marshmallow, which is displayed on the iPhone.

However, it’s quite certain that this feat has been achieved as a proof of concept and not practical for real world use.


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