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3 Startups changing the course of hospitality industry

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Hospitality industry

Evolving technology has drastically changed the way we eat, drink, and travel. In today’s world, there are certain products and services that have changed our lives and have made it simpler. Even when the products and services are a part of our routine since smaller time span, we cannot accomplish our daily tasks without them. Startups are about an idea that will impact people’s life in such a manner.

Here are some startups changing the course of hospitality industry.


Airbnb is a platform widely used by people around the globe to rent out spaces to stay as an alternative to hotel. It is considered as one of the most important “sharing economy” site.

It has already established itself as a booking agent for hostels and bed-and-breakfasts; also it has categorized listings for hosts such as “dorms” or “bed and breakfasts.”

This website has more than 2 million rooms available to rent on any given night. Such numerous listings make it largest hotel chain in the world. There are listings of residential hosts, who are willing to provide their space for rent.

This website has managed to prove itself as a tough competition even in hotel booking services. It also states that it has a sole purpose of booking short-term guests only.

This startup has disrupted hotel industry drastically by providing an alternative to renting a hotel and that too at a pocket friendly price. But now, some hotels are also using this platform to attract new customers.


DoorDash is a startup delivering food from local restaurants. It was started by Tony Xu and his team in 2013 and is based in Stanford, California.

Food delivery startups are operating in a very crowded space, including Blue Apron, Gobble, GrubHub, HelloFresh, Din, PlateJoy, SpoonRocket, ChefDay, Maple, Postmates, Instacart, and many more like Uber. Even in crowded market of food delivery services, this startup has managed to beat its peers by hitting critical milestones through gaining new partners and expanding into other delivery services. If it will run with this pace, soon it is expected to be one of the so-called unicorn companies.

While DoorDash mainly delivers food, it has also implied to employ its logistical delivery infrastructure to deliver a variety of products. Company is trying to form partnership with restaurants, as it lately did with Dunkin’ Donuts and Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is also trying to gain partnership with non-restaurants other than 7-Eleven, expanding its services.

Food delivery services will help people eat healthier and that too with the ease of a click. People can order their preferred food or any other products either by using DoorDash website or through iOS or Android platforms.

This will affect the hospitality industry as most of the people will get the food delivered and as a result, restaurants will no more be a crowded place.



TripIt will help you manage your travel itineraries. You have to get the booking done, TripIt will take care of rest of the things. The user needs to forward all the e-mails from airlines and hotels. TripIt will parse the mails and reply you within seconds.

TripIt will help users to organize all their travel information at one place. It is really helpful for people who are frequent travellers.  It will provide a list of trips and all the details regarding the bookings are displayed as soon as you click on the trip. It will provide a map to the hotel, the expected weather conditions, it also provides you alternate flight schedules and will notify you if flight is delayed or cancelled.

TripIt app is available for iPhone. Also a TripIt Pro version is available with additional features.

Here are the startups that influence the hospitality industry, may it be hotel, restaurants or travel industry. In addition to these, there is a list of startups that affect the way we stay and travel.

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