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3 Powerful Reasons Why We Donโ€™t Make an Important Goal Happen


Every morning, I say to myself that Iโ€™m going to practice yoga for at least 30 minutes, and then I skip it because Iโ€™m in a rush or am tired. I say to myself Iโ€™m to write four pages every day, and then I get distracted by something and throw the plan out of the window. I do it every day until I realize that Iโ€™ve spent the better part of the year not sticking to the plan. This is me. What about you? Are you just as hopeless as I am? In my quest to figure out why I procrastinate so much, I learned that I have three habits that have kept me from becoming a highly effective individual.

Habits of Highly Effective People

The sun comes up, and the rays shine the light on yet another important day. What do you do with it? If you have a goal, you make it happen. Simply wishing to get fit in 2018 isnโ€™t going to help you accomplish anything. It is important that you break out of the following three habits into to become a highly effective individual.

1. We avoid things we dislike

This is quite natural โ€“ if I donโ€™t like a certain task, I avoid it for as long as possible. If I donโ€™t like cleaning out my work desk, Iโ€™ll put it off for weeks. The only problem is that it has become a habit. In general, I have a habit of not doing tasks I particularly dislike. Everyone dislikes moments of discomfort, but that doesnโ€™t mean we mentally resent, complain and avoid it until it hurts us. We donโ€™t need to enjoy everything we do, but we must accomplish whatever lands on our To-Do list. We are much stronger than our likes and dislikes.

2. We rationalize

When a particularly difficult thing lands on our feet, our mind begins to rationalize. โ€œItโ€™s okay if we put this off until somebody else takes up the task,โ€ or โ€œIโ€™ll start tomorrow, I still have an entire year to accomplish one major goal.โ€ All of these may sound like rational excuses, but at the end of the day, theyโ€™re simply excuses weโ€™re leveraging to not do something important. Once we break the habit of rationalizing, we can accomplish anything we want in life.

3. We donโ€™t take our goals seriously

This is the biggest problem many of us face. We draw out a new plan and think we can make it happen. Somehow, we assume itโ€™s going to be as easy as pie, and so we backpedal it. Most of the time, we donโ€™t commit to our goals or put in a serious effort. By the time we need to accomplish the goal, we feel disappointed and completely give up on it.

Implement steps and remember to only take one goal at a time. What would you like to accomplish in the first half of 2018? Write down your goals for 2018, mention why theyโ€™re important to you, and whether there is any particular need to backpedal them until you give up. Learn to commit yourself, sincerely, to what you want to achieve in 2018.

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