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3 Most Innovative Marketing Tactics Everyone Should Read
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Great companies put together a marketing slogan for an incredible product. Often, they forget the marketing message doesnโ€™t really mean anything to those outside of it. Rightfully so, people are often suspicious when advertisements try to tell them why they should change their preferences. Marketing is harder than you might think. If youโ€™re reading this post, youโ€™re about to learn incredible marketing lessons from the three most innovative marketing tactics of all time.

Cokeโ€™s โ€˜Share a Cokeโ€™ Campaign

People find personalization downright irresistible. So, Coke decided to put peopleโ€™s names on bottles and encouraged them to take photos or give them to a friend. The โ€˜Share a Cokeโ€™ 2015 summer campaign is touted to be one of the most innovative marketing tactics in Coca-Colaโ€™s history.

Essentially, some labels include generic names like Smith, Johnson, Claire, Matt to encourage the collectability of Coke products. People would scour retail locations and even resort to eBay in hopes of finding their name of a friendโ€™s name on a bottle of Coke. Moreover, social media played a monumental role in the success of the Share a Coke campaign. Consumers were encouraged to share their find on social media using the hashtag #Shareacoke.


Coca Cola even went on to create interactive billboards and websites as well as traveling kiosks where people could buy more unique named Coke bottles. For consumers, personalization and customization is a way of life. For instance, when a consumer shares a name-branded Coke bottle with his girlfriend, he feels heโ€™s honoring his girlfriend rather than promoting a product. Furthermore, the sharing photos on social media of these personal moments using the hashtag, increases shareability.

This campaign was first introduced in Australia in 2011, where the company saw an 11 percent increase in Coke consumption. Coca Cola plans to employ more such marketing ideas in the near future.

Volvo Hijacking Other Brandsโ€™ Ads

During the 2015 Super Bowl Volva decided to upstage all car commercials with a promo called โ€œThe Greatest Interception Ever.โ€ It set up a campaign to have someone win a car by tweeting at them with โ€˜#VolvoContestโ€™ whenever a car commercial was aired during the Super Bowl.


More than 55 thousand people tweeted to Volvo during the game. Now, compare this number to the 100 million people watching the game and commercial. In the month following the game, sales of Volvo XC60 increased by 70 percent. Now thatโ€™s what we call a show-stopper!

It was an incredible marketing tactic as what this did was cause viewers to recognize there was a car commercial and immediately engage with Volvo. The #VolvoContest allowed Volvo to have a greater presence during the game and not just during a 3-second slow allotted to them. In a sense, Volvo stole the ad time of all other car commercials. Now, wouldnโ€™t you call this one of the most innovative marketing tactics of the digital world?

Red Bullโ€™s Crazy Marketing Tactic

We all know Red Bull invests heavily marketing, globally. When Red Bull was first trying to grow its brand, they received permission from the local council in Newcastle, United Kingdom to drop thousands of crushed cans all over the streets outside pubs.


When people poured out of such establishments, they were curious to find hundreds of Red Bull cans littering the streets. As a result, many went to purchase Red Bull from local shops. The rest is history!

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