13 Million Students Pick the Wrong College due to Lack of Information
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When our parents get overprotective towards us, we all can’t wait to grow up and enjoy our newfound independence. When the time to grow up actually arrives, you realize that life was all fun and games as long as we weren’t asked to take such life-altering decisions. The first significant decision is during deciding one's major in college. It serves as a turning point in our lives not only educationally but also on a professional front. Often we tend to allow external factors influence our decision instead of deciding for ourselves the field we may excel at. Such external factors lead to wrong decisions that one might regret for the rest of his life. At such a time, college marketing comes in handy.

Many entrepreneurs claim that college is a business decision. It may sound too far-fetched at that particular moment but it makes sense once you start hunting for a job. But the irony is that the world is full of wrong decisions and bad judgments at the crucial moment. This takes place mainly due to lack of information. Students are not well aware of what kinds of career will a particular college education lead to and the opportunities that it will unfold. The growing trend of following the crowd while applying to colleges has become so widespread that students realize that they made the wrong choice by the end of the course. Needless to say, by then it’s too late.


College marketing can put forward potential solutions to the problems faced by students.

How is college marketing beneficial?

According to a recent survey, 87 percent students pick the wrong course and land in the wrong college due to lack of information. And this happens every single year. If you simply add the numbers, you can get an idea that a majority of the students worldwide wind up in the wrong college as they don’t have access to information. College marketing aims to curb this problem to quite an extent. Specific marketing strategies for college education provide adequate information about the courses. This information is focused at a particular demography which shows interest in a given field. It elaborates at length about the skills and knowledge given in the course and the professional aspects it covers. Such information gives the student an idea of what kind of career path he can choose.

It is important to note that college education is an expensive affair. Therefore the decision must be taken thinking about how soon can a student cover up the expenditure or pay his loans. Even if a student thinks he can’t afford the course of his interest, by strategic planning he can make sure he incurs no loss. At times, financial drawbacks and other such lack of opportunities make the student helpless. Due to this, around 74 percent of students globally select the wrong career path due to lack of opportunities, says a global study. College marketing can put forward potential solutions to the problems faced by the students. This can help them pursue the degree of their choice and aptitude.

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