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13 Definite Signs You’re a Born Leader


Not everyone is cut out to be a remarkably great leader. But if you have these leadership traits, you might be a born leader.

Becoming a good leader is a blessing in disguise, and improving oneself to be one is a never-ending process. A good leader is loved and followed by all, and they serve as an inspirational example for others.

13 Signs that Prove You’re a Born Leader


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There are certain traits that a good leader possesses, that portray the person as a great leader. Some things will boost the leadership and also things that will hold the person back. Everyone has the potential to be a good leader; it is up to the person to nurture them and improve the mindset. Some of the significant signs of a born leader:


A good leader is always curious and eager to learn new things. They never leave any opportunity to learn new things or new skills. They take in every information and knowledge they can to broaden their knowledge span and mind. Their love of learning is immense.


Great leaders are always positive, and they see the bright side of things. Even when they face any terrible situation, or lousy phase comes in, they look at the brighter side of it and are optimistic about it. Good leaders know the importance of positivity. Life can easily turn one into a pessimist, and it is upon the person how they take things in hand and look at it.

Good Listener

A good leader is a good listener, too, as communication is the key to outstanding leadership. A good leader listens to the followers and the people around them. Great leadership means a person being a great listener and encouraging others to share their thoughts and perspectives.


Great leaders have an open mind, be it to people, ideas, and situations. They don’t have a narrow eye to the situations and people; they are not narrow-minded. If a person allows others to share their thoughts, ideas, and visions and listens to them with all ears and hearts, that person has an open mindset and can be a good leader.


Being emphatic to people is a good trait in a leader; it allows the leader to connect with people easily and feel their emotions and situations. Showing care and compassion to others is a sign of a good leader.


Leaders are resourceful. They know how to utilize the limited resource at hand and make the best use of them. Even at a time of crisis, they know how to use the resources to be the best.


Nothing is permanent, and new times bring in new changes. Good leaders know that, and they are ready for anything the future brings to them. Outstanding leadership means accepting the changes.


Good leaders know how to communicate with their followers and team, be it good or bad news. They share their visions and thoughts clearly with utmost sincerity and transparency.


Great leaders know the importance of being connected. They work hard to create and maintain excellent relationships, and it is a priority for them to inspire, teach, support, and encourage others.


Good leaders are confident. They face every situation with great confidence. Even if they are accountable for anything, they face it bravely and admit it with confidence. They have a confident mindset.


Good leaders have a solution to problems and situations. Problems are everywhere, and good leaders bring out solutions to them effectively. A leader would look outside the boundary to search for answers to problems.

Credit to the Right Person

Good leaders know whom to give the right credit; they don’t reap in the fruits of labour all by themselves. Good leaders don’t soak in the limelight. They highlight individual work and speak of ‘we’ rather than ‘I’. True leaders know that they are nothing without the people around them and they are not afraid of focusing them.

Cause, not a Promotion

A good leader knows what it is to have an ambition and they work for it. They dedicate the energies foremost to the cause, then team and lastly to themselves.

Good leadership comes from imbibing a positive ad a great mindset. It is essential always to absorb information from the environment.

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