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11 Incredible Facts about the New Apple Park

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Apple Inc’s highly speculated new campus, Apple Park is just as big as it could get. Employees have started moving in the new Apple campus from April which is made keeping in mind the vision of Steve Jobs. While everyone knows that this new campus of Apple is huge and designed by Norman Foster, a British Architect; there are some amazing facts that many are unaware about. We have jotted down few of the coolest facts about Apple Park that’s worth a read.

Incredible Facts about the New Apple Park

apple park building trees

Apple Park Building (Picture Credits- Apple News Release)

  • The campus is so huge that Apple plans to have around 1,000 bicycles and 2,000 bicycle spots for employees to commute and park within the campus.
  • The distance itself from the parking to main building of the campus is almost a 10-minute walk. It seems that Apple wants to keep the fitness of its employees in check too!
  • Overall, the total expected cost of the new campus will come out to be around a whopping $5 billion!
  • Moreover, the name of the auditorium of Apple campus, the Steve Jobs Theater, is a dedication to the company's patron Steve Jobs.
apple park theater

Apple Park Theater is named the Steve Jobs Theater (Picture Credits- Apple News Release)

Futuristic Office of Apple

  •  The Apple campus will have around 12,000 employees which is almost equal to the population of a small city. Not only this, the cafe in this new campus can seat up to almost 3,000 individuals. You know, Apple takes break times also seriously.
  • The park will have 300 stations for car-charging. Apple is already planning for the future of transportation eh!
  • The main building of Apple’s new 175-acre campus is spread across a huge 2.8 million square feet which equals to more than 40 standard football fields.
  • There will be a green space spread across 30-acres. It will be beautifully decorated with mini fruit orchards, a small pond, a garden, and more. So employees can have their own peaceful moments here, right Apple?
apple park

Steve Jobs Envisioned the Apple Park

  • Apple Park boasts of windows made from the largest panels of curved glass in the world.
  • Steve Jobs already had an idea of everything he wanted in the Apple Park form the kind of trees to the wood used, according to reports. Seemingly, the Cupertino company has followed many of his wishes and created a very similar campus that he once envisioned.
  • The campus is one of the most energy efficient buildings in the world. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook says that Apple Park will entirely run on renewable energy. Well, Apple is towards its way of creating a sustainable environment in the Silicon Valley.

If reports are to be believed, Apple Park is going to be one of the best office spaces in the tech hub. Whilst, what we like the most is that Apple has not only created a tech-friendly and futuristic campus; it has done that keeping in mind the environment and various aspects related to it.

apple park building closeup

Apple Park Building Closeup (Picture Credits- Apple News Release)

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