10 Delicious Drinks from Starbucks around the World

We have compiled a list of the strangest, coolest, and most delicious drinks from Starbucks around the world at Industry Leaders Magazine. From Starbucks SAKURAFUL Latte and Frappuccino (Japan) to Algarrobina Frappuccino (Peru), these drinks from Starbucks menu around the world will leave your taste buds craving for more!


The mermaid logo cup is the pick-me-up for quite a few people on the go around the world. The Seattle-based food and beverage company has over 27,000 locations in 78 countries around the globe, and each location prides itself on serving unique local-based creative flavors.

Starbucks has become synonymous with coffee, and with its growing universal popularity, it has come up with culturally unique blends so much so that people traveling around the world schedule Starbuck drinks on their must-taste itinerary.

Coolest Starbucks Drinks from around the World

We bring here to you a dipstick list of the 10 best-flavored drinks served at Starbucks around the world. The list is not exhaustive nor based on some studies, but we have pooled in experiences of colleagues, friends, and their colleagues on their travels, or readings to bring you this list.

Banana Split Mocha Frappuccino – Hong Kong

This is the comfort dessert that no dessert parlor worth its sugar can avoid. Starbucks also has the traditional recipe on offer but not everywhere, only in Hong Kong. It comes with a slit banana topped with three scoops of ice cream, and syrup and whipped cream in vanilla and pineapple flavor. It is topped with a cherry and waffles.


Starbucks SAKURAFUL Latte and Frappuccino – Japan

Sakura means cherry blossoms in Japanese. Every year, Starbucks comes up with a Sakura-based drink during the cherry blossom festival. It can be chocolate with rice flakes on top or strawberry mixed. The toppings and flavors are mixed and matched with cherry blossom being the theme.


Orange Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccino – SE Asia

This is available only in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Thailand. It reminds one of summertime and the cooling licks of orange-flavored popsicles. Here the frappuccino is blended with whipped cream and orange sauce. It is topped with a crunchy honeycombed orange candy drizzled in citrus sauce and whipped cream.


Yogurt Fizzio with Mango Jelly – SE Asia

It is a soda. And as any South Asian will testify, any mango-flavored dessert is a taste to die for. It combines yogurt with mango jelly, which is then carbonated. It is sweet, creamy, and cool.  There is a citrus twist to add tang to it. Starbucks is known to blend local taste preferences with its signature twists.

Yogurt Fizzio with Mango Jelly new

Algarrobina Frappuccino – Peru

Algarrobina comes from the Peruvian Black Carob tree. It is a sugary syrup used to sweeten beverages. The frappuccino uses Algarrobina with chocolate and chocolate chips.  Toppings are whipped cream and algarrobina. Peru has a rich coffee tradition and is one of the top 10 coffee-producing nations. It is known for its excellent blend of coffees.

Algarrobina Frappuccino - Peru new

Choco Lucama Frappuccino – Peru

Another Peruvian delight, it is made with lucuma fruit, which is native to Peru. It’s blended with chocolate. The frappuccino tastes custardy and fresh. In Peru, ice creams made of this fruit, which is full of iron and vitamins, are very common. Hence, the incorporation of this “gold of the Incas”, as this fruit is known, into the Starbucks menu.


Cream Coffee Pudding Frappuccino – SE Asia

The cream coffee pudding frappuccino is only available in Asia. It’s made with coffee pudding and cream, topped with espresso whipped cream and espresso powder. This combination may read simple, but the end product is lip-smacking and something worth the travel to taste it.


Lemon-Vanilla Frappuccino – Ireland

It is classic, simple, and very European, though inspired by the American lemon meringue pie. It is a frappuccino that combines lemon sauce with vanilla syrup and whipped cream. It is topped with a drizzle of lemon and crushed meringue cookies. The blend is available in some cities in Europe.


Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino – China

The traditional green tea favored by the Chinese is turned into a frappuccino with a scoop of red beans on top. It is quite a favorite amongst Chinese Starbucks regulars. Its popularity now has reached the shores of HongKong too.


Iced Sparkling Espresso with Mint – Seattle

This was released during the coffee and sparkling tonic craze and caught on due to its freshness and minty flavor (which is a sure-shot hit as a beverage addition). This drink combines espresso, mint, and demerara syrup with a splash of soda water. It started its journey at the Starbucks in Seattle but is now available in almost all Starbucks outlets in the US.

Iced Sparkling Espresso with Mint new

Caramel Popcorn Pretzel Frappuccino – Australia & United Kingdom

It is salty, savory, and caramelly. Not many can go wrong with this. It is a frappuccino with a “popzel” or a popcorn mixed with pretzel syrup, toppings of both popcorns and pretzels, and lots of caramel syrup and whipped cream. Strangely, this pretzel mixture is not available in America, and you will have to travel all the way to Australia to get a taste. The blend is now available in the British isles also.


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