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Yahoo Inc.

Snapchat to be Yahoo’s next poster child for $20 Million

Reminiscing the success of its investment in Alibaba Holdings Group, Yahoo Inc. is reportedly eyeing on Snapchat. The Internet giant is currently in talks …

Activist Investor Pushes Marissa Mayer to buy AOL

Activist investor Jeffrey Smith, in a letter on Friday urged Yahoo Inc. to buy AOL Inc. and to head in a direction where they …

Yahoo steps on the social media bandwagon with Tumblr buy-out

The decision-making caucus at Yahoo Inc. now sees investing in social blogging media as the new opportunity to steer the company towards greater fortunes. In the first of the series, it will invest as much as $1.1 billion to buy famous Tumblr, a short-form blogging service. The social blogging network currently glories in staggering 108 million blogs with nearly 51 billion posts.

Working hard pays off as Yahoo CEO Mayer gets $36m

Working hard on revamping the company paid off as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was awarded with staggering $36 million. Yet the Yahoo board certainly faced some problems while appeasing shareholders who believed that this award was too high.

Young & Rich: Yahoo buys app from UK teenager

There are these young people who have fantastic ideas and are lucky. One of them is Nick D’Aloisio – he is young, smart and incredibly rich. Just on the 26th of March, Yahoo Inc. informed that it bought a smartphone news app, which was developed by today 17-year-old buy, for rumored $30 million. The acquisition of Summly is one of the latest in an avalanche of purchases aimed at getting Yahoo Inc. more competitive in the tech world.

Yahoo Ends Flexible Work Agreements

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has decided to revolutionize the company’s employment policy by bringing back its telecommuting employees to offices. The revolution is to start in June. Marissa Mayer believes this action will strengthen and ease collaboration among the employees. However, Richard Branson criticized Marissa Mayer’s actions by referring them as “backward”.

Yahoo decides to shut down its Chinese music service

Just not so long after Google Inc. informed that it pulled its music service from China in September, Yahoo Inc. also informed that it decided to terminate its Chinese music service. The step has been taken as the company, once the Internet giant, tries to modify its “product strategy.” The Chinese music service of Yahoo Inc. is to be shut down on the 20th of January.

New CEO helps Yahoo Shares Attain 18-Month High

The rise in shares of Yahoo Inc. was striking as the shares managed to reach their highest level in a span of more than a year and half. The sudden rise in shares of Yahoo Inc. is being attributed to Marissa Mayer, the new Yahoo Chief Executive, who is believed to be in a position to achieve a successful return of the company as a significant player in the sector.

Yahoo CEO Mayer hires former Google colleague as COO

Henrique de Castro, a former executive of Google Inc., has been hired as the new COO of Yahoo by the Chief Executive of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer. This latest move has been taken by the Chief Executive of Yahoo in order to bring new faces to the management team of the struggling web company.

New CEO Lays Out Broad Goals for Yahoo

Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo Inc., fleshed out extensive plans for the company in her first address to the entire group on the 25th of September. The goals proposed by her met with an enthusiastic response from members of staff who have suffered from years of doubt and turmoil in management.

China’s Alibaba Group Inks $7.6 billion deal with Yahoo

Yahoo Inc. was finally able to complete a long awaited Yahoo-Alibaba deal with China’s Alibaba Group worth $7.6 billion, giving rise to a windfall that could play a major role in easing the pain of Yahoo Inc.’s shareholders who have been forced to suffer because of the faults of the company over the course of the past few years.

Facebook Inc. and Yahoo Inc. settle their lawsuits making a tie up

Yahoo Inc and Facebook Inc have finally agreed to settle their heated up patent lawsuits and tie up for a licensing and internet advertising partnership according to reports laid out on Friday. The pact has at last settled the accusations that were made for the technology patent infringement that started under the leadership of Scott Thompson, the ex-CEO of Yahoo.

EU wants concessions on all Google Platforms

The antitrust regulators of EU who are investigating Google for allegedly anti competent behavior want the giant internet search engine to offer concession on all its platforms. These platforms include mobile devices, tablets and computers according to the statements made by two people who are familiar with the issue on Friday.

Ross Levinsohn leaves Yahoo after Mayer became CEO

Only two weeks ago Marissa Mayer was announced a new CEO of Yahoo. The company, which these days is described as a struggling internet giant, found Marissa Mayer from Google to be better than Ross Levinsohn. Yahoo Inc. informed that Ross Levinsohn had decided to leave the company after he was overlooked for the CEO post. Levinsohn was believed to have been a strong internal candidate for the position.

Scott Thompson to be Named the Next Yahoo CEO

Yahoo Inc., the internet giant is set to name its next CEO very soon. The possible name on the list that has cleared many rounds and is likely to the nod is Scott Thompson, who runs eBay’s online payment unit PayPal.

Thinking about being ‘Yahoo’s’ next CEO? You have a rough road ahead…

Carol Bartz, the ex CEO at Yahoo Incorporated was asked to leave by the board on 6th September following her failed attempts to revitalize …

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