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President Barack Obama speaks at a Walmart store in Mountain View, Calif., on Friday.

Obama Lays-Out Carbon-reducing, Energy Efficiency Proposal at Silicon Valley Wal-Mart on Friday

At the first-ever Presidential stop, on a fund raising trip President Obama urged U.S. businesses to curb down emissions to reduce environmental threats that are affecting climate change. Obama announced a series of carbon-reducing steps, which are specifically designed for private companies to boost solar power and promote energy efficiency. “There are cost-effective ways to […]

The New Energy Drink by Starbucks

Starbucks Enters the Energy Drink Market

Starbucks is about to bump heads into the Red Bull. Yes, Starbucks is eager to dip its influential, if not omnipresent coffee mug now into the $8 billion energy drink category.

Sears kmart closing

Over 70 Kmart, Sears Closings to Take Place

At the end of 2011, Sears announced it was closing as many as 120 underperforming Sears and Kmart locations after same-store sales slipped 5.2 percent in the eight weeks prior to Christmas. It’s how many Sears and Kmart stores will end up closing, and whether or not Sears Corp. will rebound from this. Sears and Kmart merged in 2005, and even though they have more stores now than they did seven years ago, the merger hasn’t helped in boosting sales.

Distribution Warehouses

Distribution Warehouses Under Pressure for Temporary Staffing

The warehousing sector of the supply chain industry is under pressure recently after a series of investigative reporting has uncovered the tenuous situation of thousands of temporary employees. These employees, hired by staffing firms that are several times removed from the big box retailers like Amazon and Walmart, even though these employees unload and move the products sold in these stores. This is a just a small snapshot of what is going on at these distribution warehouses and in these temporary warehouse jobs.

Walmart Store

Walmart: Low Prices, Big Numbers

2.1 million. That’s how many people work at Walmart. It is the largest retailer in the world, and the largest private employer in the world. Called “associates” by Walmart, the sheer number of employees is just one of the many statistics that illustrate the monstrosity that is Walmart. In this month’s ‘Numberliciously Good’, Industry Leaders pays homage to the retailer that has probably provided a lot of our holiday presents and decor this season.

Black Friday

How Did Businesses Do From the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Craze?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and probably Thanksgiving now) are three of the biggest shopping holidays of the year. In fact, Black Friday got its name from the fact that this one Friday brought many businesses out of the red and into the black. So, just how did businesses do this year at the start of the 2011 holiday shopping season?

world's biggest retailer, walmart, tests online grocery delivery service

World’s biggest retailer, Walmart, tests online grocery delivery

Presenting itself as the newest competitor to the online retailing giant Amazon, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest chain of retail outlets, has set up Walmart To Go – a service by way of which customers can visit the website of the store,, order groceries that are usually found in Walmart stores and get […]


POSCO: The new Metal Heads in India

Monday turned out to be a great day for POSCO in India.  The Environment Ministry of India has finally approved POSCO’s plans to set up a $12 billion steel mill for the foreign as a move to improve Foreign Investment Climate in India. The Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh faced continuous criticism as lately investors felt […]

Booming M & A in Africa

Destination Africa! Record $44 billion M & A deals over 2010.

They stood strong, survived and even thrived through the global financial crisis. Now, having set a record high of $44 billion worth of mergers and acquisitions across Sub-Saharan Africa for 2010, companies from these emerging market countries promise even better prospects for 2011. Currently, the population of Africa stands at over a billion. Estimates expect […]