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Flying Eco-Hotel? Almost. Jumbo Stay,the Plane Recycled into a Hotel

All those of you who believe in the beauty of recycling, you’re going to love this one, especially so if you’re fascinated by creative …

U.K’s Co-operative Group launches new Green Energy Company

Better, Cheaper, Fairer In a bid to counter existing ‘baffling and bewildering’ multi-tariff energy options on offer in the UK, the Co-operative Group has …

British American Tobacco’s new tobacco-free nicotine: Nicoventures

British American Tobacco (BAT), estimated to be the world’s second largest tobacco group by global market share, has confirmed reports of having established Nicoventures …

London’s new “Underground” appeal: 5-star hotel under Golf Course

A Green Buff looking for a luxury golfing vacation ? This is absolutely the place for you ! With the ambitious goal of designing …

Generate clean energy by underwater kite turbines

Minesto, the Swedish tidal energy device developer, has revealed its latest technology for producing clean energy: the use of underwater kite turbines. This new technology, …

BP stakes in North Sea gas fields up for sale

In a major attempt to focus on operations in the central and northern parts of the oil-rich region, British Petroleum has announced plans to …

Homes in the U.K go the Zero Carbon Way

While efforts are in full-swing to identify the most feasible way of addressing the housing shortage in the U.K, housing alternatives are being explored further in Britain…..

Fairtrade, Fairmined gold on sale in UK

With prices for the precious metal surging on markets all across the globe, Fairtrade and Fairmined gold will go on sale in the UK …

Life’s Better with 3D! LG to unveil ‘world’s first 3D phone’ at MWC 2011.

The South Korean Electronics company with the very popular tag-line “Life’s Good” is set to make life even better with the world’s first 3D …

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