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Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks introduces “Verismo” brewer for $199

Starbucks Corp. has introduced its new single-serve brewer Verismo, which will be sold online this weekend for $199. The Starbucks Verismo is planned to be sold in the company’s cafés next month. The competitive prices of the Starbucks new coffee machine could be a threat to brewers from Green Mountain Coffee Roaster Inc. and Nestle SA, the dominant players in the single-serve coffee market valued at $8 billion.

Starbucks Enters the Energy Drink Market

Starbucks is about to bump heads into the Red Bull. Yes, Starbucks is eager to dip its influential, if not omnipresent coffee mug now into the $8 billion energy drink category.

Happy Hours – Starbucks Expands Wine & Beer Sales

Starbucks Corp., the world’s biggest coffee-shop chain, which proved the world that there’s nothing as paying too much for a cup of coffee, is planning to experiment with wine and beer, the two elixirs that Americans love. Food and Beverage magazines believe that Starbucks is looking to differentiate itself from competitors, by entering into an alcoholic beverage segment. Well, it seems that happy hours are back again for California and Atlanta.

Starbucks “Freshens” Up with Acquisition of Juice Maker Evolution Fresh

Starbucks Coffee acquired the California-based juice maker Evolution Fresh this week for $30 million. Juice maker Evolution Fresh makes natural fruit and vegetable fruit blends, and is one of the few large-scale companies left that still uses real fruit and vegetables, instead of pureed or powdered ingredients. Evolution Fresh juice is already carried on the West Coast in grocery stores such as Safeway, Costco and Whole Foods.

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