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Microsoft Slashes 18000 Jobs after Acquiring Nokia

On Wednesday, Microsoft said that it is writing off $7.6 billion it spent on acquiring Nokia, cutting 7,800 jobs, which is in addition to 18000 job cuts that it planned a year ago. About 2,300 of the employment will be made in Finland, where Nokia’s headquarter is located. The employment cuts are an addition to the […]

Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft HoloLens Is Soon Coming Up With New Tech Projects

It’s time to venture into a different world, as Microsoft HoloLens is soon coming up with new projects, giving an opportunity to get connected, and have a tremendous user experience with your much-liked device – Typac Hologram. Recently, Microsoft has unveiled that is accepting academic proposals for those who are interested to work with augmented […]


AOL in Talks with Microsoft to Acquire Its Display Ad Business

On Monday, AOL declared a portion of the value, while announcing a deal with Microsoft. At the point when the approval for Verizon to acquire AOL was declared a month ago, officials from both companies said that AOL was a winsome acquisition due to its promoting technology. Under the agreement, AOL will dominate management and […]


Microsoft to bring Office to more Android tablets, partners with 20 more Android device manufacturers

Microsoft announced that it has signed partnerships with 20 new hardware partners that will see some of the company’s apps and service being included on their Android tablets. The announcement follows similar deal that was announced in March, when Samsung, Dell, and others signed on with Microsoft to preinstall a wide range of its apps. […]


Microsoft investing in underwater cables to connect datacenters worldwide

Microsoft is investing in several subsea fiber optic cables to connect data centers across the world and in support of increasing data network needs. On Monday, the company announced new partnerships and investments across both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Microsoft continues to invest considerably in subsea and terrestrial dark fiber capacity by engaging in […]

Microsoft to launch Windows 10 this summer, adds biometric authentication

Microsoft to launch Windows 10 this summer, adds biometric authentication

Microsoft is getting ready for a widespread rollout of its Windows 10 operating system. The tech giant announced that it is going to launch Windows 10 in 190 countries and 111 languages in the summer of 2015. Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s head for the operating system division said that Windows 10 will be available in the […]


Microsoft acquires mobile email firm Acompli

Microsoft announced on Monday that it has acquired Acompli, a venture-backed startup in San Francisco that offers innovative mobile email application available for both iOS and Android platforms. Seen by many as the mobile app that deserves, Acompli fits well into Microsoft’s plan to further expand into mobile realms. The company accidentally teased the […]


China Levies $140 Million Tax Settlement on Microsoft Corporation

Tech giant Microsoft needs to pay the Chinese government a huge amount in fines, a first major case in the country concerning cross-border tax evasion as regulators build up pressure on U.S. corporations doing business there. According to an article published by China’s Xinhua official news agency, China has levied about 840 million yuan ($140 million) in […]

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the Code Conference

Microsoft’s General Counsel Calls For New Privacy Push To Protect Users’ Private Data

Microsoft has been one of the many technology companies that are strongly opposing the U.S. government in response to unwarranted, rampant data collection practices revealed in documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden in 2013. Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith continued his months-long public campaign to pressure the United States government to take significant measures toward reserving […]

Leak reveals when Microsoft must kill Nokia brand

Leaked Microsoft Documents Reveals Resurrection of Microsoft-Nokia Mobile Brand

Earlier this year on April 25th, Microsoft completed its acquisition of Nokia’s handset for around $7.5 billion. The two companies which have dominated their respective markets for years came together and made a bigger impact in Nokia’s first ever ad after the purchase. Fascinatingly the ad sported the tagline ‘Not like everybody else´ with a […]

Microsoft Fights Back over Warrant for Emails Overseas

Microsoft Fights Back over Warrant for Emails Overseas

Microsoft has challenged a ruling that would permit US government officials to investigate its overseas offices. The organization said in a petition filed to the U.S. District Court for Southern New York that it objects an order that would permit law enforcement to pursuit all Microsoft-owned offices around the world. At the core of the […]

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Internet of Things to be a $7 Trillion Industry by 2020

SUMMARY: The worldwide market for Internet of things will develop more than triple from US$1.9 trillion in 2013 to US$7.1 trillion in 2020, as per figures from IDC. Over the coming years, IDC expects product offerings will be differentiated and competition for the most part will heap on, especially around comprehensive solution offerings that infuse […]

Microsoft Demos Real-Time Skype Translator that breaks down language barriers on the Fly

Microsoft Demos Real-Time Skype Translator that works on the Fly

To some at the Code Conference, it may feel that they woke up in the future – first Google’s self-driving cars and now Skype auto-translate. At the Code Conference on Tuesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella showed off Skype Translator, an upcoming real-time translation functionality developed by the company’s Skype and Translator teams. Using the Skype […]

Google Replaces Apple as World’s ‘Most Valuable Brand’ of 2014

Google Replaces Apple as World’s ‘Most Valuable Brand’ of 2014

Not so long ago, the ‘Godfather of New York Tech’, Fred Wilson predicted that Apple won’t be among the top three companies by 2020, to which Apple Executives paid no heed. Nonetheless this time it is something different. Executives in Apple Campus will be sweating in worry and fury today, for after sitting on the […]

The newly constructed government office building in Anhui Province in 2007

China’s Energy Saving Efforts… Ban Windows 8 from Government Offices!

Last time Microsoft checked China, it was one of its biggest software buyers in the world. Except well, what comes as a shocker in the world of technology is that China has turned to ruling out Windows 8 on government computers striking back against Microsoft which has been facing severe sales woes from the country. […]

Tech firms to routinely notify users of secret data demands

Tech firms to routinely notify users of secret data demands

Major technology companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple and others have reportedly decided to cease the practice of quietly yielding to the demands from the government for personal, private email or other online data, stating that users have a right to be notified in advance when their information is targeted by law enforcement. The tech […]

Microsoft’s Hotmail privacy policy clearly states that the company can access or disclose the personal information of an individual including the content of communications, in order to protect the company’s intellectual property.

Invading Email Privacy; Microsoft Admits Practice Of Reading User Emails To Track Leak

Computer tech giant Microsoft recently admitted that it had read through a user’s email inbox as part of an internal leak investigation. The admission has created a furore with users of Microsoft’s email service who are worried about their privacy. The case involves Alex Kibkalo, a Russian native and former senior architect who worked for […]

AOL shares Climb on Licensing Deal with Microsoft

AOL Shares Climb After Licensing Deal with Microsoft

Under the pressure of shareholder, to make changes as revenue falls, AOL plans to sell and license patents to Microsoft in an agreement worth $1.06 billion. AOL shares climbed the most in two years. Soar AOL rose 43 percent to close at $26.40, the biggest one-day increase since Nov. 25, 2009. The shares had lost 8.2 percent of their value in the past year before Monday. Microsoft, meanwhile, fell 1.3 percent to $31.10 Monday.

Google accused for manipulating IE privacy

Microsoft Accuses Google of Internet Explorer’s Privacy Manipulation

Google has been accused of manipulating privacy protections in Internet Explorer 9 in order to bypass user preferences about cookies. Just a few days after the Mountain View, Calif., search giant accused Google for appearing to circumvent privacy protections on Apple Inc.’s Safari browser, Microsoft’s allegations came into picture.