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Microsoft’s Hotmail privacy policy clearly states that the company can access or disclose the personal information of an individual including the content of communications, in order to protect the company’s intellectual property.

Invading Email Privacy; Microsoft Admits Practice Of Reading User Emails To Track Leak

Computer tech giant Microsoft recently admitted that it had read through a user’s email inbox as part of an internal leak investigation. The admission has created a furore with users of Microsoft’s email service who are worried about their privacy. The case involves Alex Kibkalo, a Russian native and former senior architect who worked for [...]

AOL shares Climb on Licensing Deal with Microsoft

AOL Shares Climb After Licensing Deal with Microsoft

Under the pressure of shareholder, to make changes as revenue falls, AOL plans to sell and license patents to Microsoft in an agreement worth $1.06 billion. AOL shares climbed the most in two years. Soar AOL rose 43 percent to close at $26.40, the biggest one-day increase since Nov. 25, 2009. The shares had lost 8.2 percent of their value in the past year before Monday. Microsoft, meanwhile, fell 1.3 percent to $31.10 Monday.

Google accused for manipulating IE privacy

Microsoft Accuses Google of Internet Explorer’s Privacy Manipulation

Google has been accused of manipulating privacy protections in Internet Explorer 9 in order to bypass user preferences about cookies. Just a few days after the Mountain View, Calif., search giant accused Google for appearing to circumvent privacy protections on Apple Inc.’s Safari browser, Microsoft’s allegations came into picture.

LTE Windows Phone 7

Microsoft LTE Windows Phone Expected to be Out by Early 2012

There was a leak Thursday that Microsoft offered a view that was trying to invade the smartphone market from the bottom up. The fresh report said that Microsoft has plans to launch several LTE Windows Phone devices in 2012. Now, the hot news is that Microsoft is already planning to major updates, Tango and Apollo (as coded) in 2012.

Commercial Space Flight

Space Tourism: It’s Closer than You Think

Space travel may no longer be restricted to astronauts as industry leaders around the world are working to develop commercial space flight and to make space tourism the new thing to do over winter vacation. Just how close are we to making space tourism and commercial space flight something that the middle class can do, instead of just the extremely wealthy?

Android’s Edge Over Apple & Microsoft: Google to Buy Motorola for $12.5 bn

Android Scores a One Up Over Apple & Microsoft: Google to Buy Motorola

In its largest-ever acquisition deal, Google announced on Monday an all-cash acquisition bid to buy Motorola Mobility Holdings for $12.5 billion. The move is aimed at increasing the search engine giant’s leverage in the highly competitive mobile computing market. The deal with Motorola would give Google over 17,000 mobile technology patents. At a time when [...]

FTC google inquiry

Google Queried by FTC over Business Practices

While some of Google’s competitors have claimed that that the no. 1 search engine company manipulates the online advertising market, others have accused Google of influencing rankings of search results in a manner that results in maximum traffic getting diverted to its own products and away from competitive offerings.

Apple claims top-spot in BrandZ Top 100 as world’s most valuable brand

Apple claims BrandZ Top 100 top-spot as world’s most valuable brand

The no.1 spot in BrandZ Top 100, the listing that identifies and ranks the world’s most valuable brands, has been taken by Apple this year, ending the four-year reign of search-engine giant Google. With its brand value estimated at over $153bn, the iPhone and iPad maker’s rank has been boosted significantly by the success of [...]

Apple claims Galaxy Tab copied from iPad; Sues Samsung

Apple claims Galaxy Tab copied from iPad; Sues Samsung

Not only the Galaxy Tab introduced by Samsung late last year, Apple is suing Samsung for allegedly copying their entire Galaxy range from Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad designs. Extending intellectual property violation notices directed towards a number of Samsung’s mobile devices, including the Indulge, Captivate, Epic 4G, Nexus S and Galaxy S 4G smartphones [...]

Google invests in world's largest solar power tower, Ivanpah

Google Goes Green; invests in solar power tower Ivanpah

Google has announced its green commitment to the world by investing $168 million in what will be the world’s largest solar power tower plant. The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, to be located in California’s Mojave Desert, is being developed by BrightSource Energy. Construction of this 450 ft tall tower began in October 2010 and [...]

Toyota Prius_Toyota and Microsoft team up for Energy Management of Plug-In Cars

Toyota and Microsoft team up for Energy Intelligent Plug-In Cars

Toyota and Microsoft have announced the establishment of their new joint venture – Toyota Media Service Co. – which will function as a Toyota subsidiary. To be developed with a total estimated investment of around $12 million by the two companies, the system devised by Toyota Media Service will aim at providing energy management data [...]

Eclipse, the most expensive yacht in the world

Get, Set, Sail and Never Look Back! The World of Luxury Yachts

You’ve got that fantabulous house with acres of backyard, an awesome Lamborghini sitting in your driveway, gadgets galore, what do you aspire for next? A really awesome Yacht, you say?  We concur. Like a popular ad goes, “Free man, You will always love the Sea”. Luxury yachts have since time immemorial had this incredibly high [...]

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

The Out-Smarted Market of Connecting People: Nokia teams up with Microsoft

Nokia’s been a buzzing hive over the last week after the internal memo issued by new CEO Stephen Elop in which he candidly likened Nokia to a man standing on a burning oil platform, saying the company “poured gasoline” on its “own burning platform.”. The latest reports that are pouring in state that Nokia is [...]

Is Yahoo getting Google(d)?

Is Yahoo getting Google(d)?

Despite the chilling winters Yahoo still faces the heat as Google rises in Popularity. The reportedly third consecutive quarter of declining page views on Yahoo sites has further led to around 2 percent decrease in the Company’s share. Moreover, this news comes the same day as Yahoo’s announcement of laying off 1 percent of its [...]

page, schmidt and brin

Larry Page: The New Kid on Google’s CEO Block!

The Kids at Google Inc. have finally grown up. Eric Schmidt, Google’s current CEO will step down to welcome Larry Page as Google’s next CEO making Schmidt the executive chairman per Google’s announcement yesterday. Page will assume the title on April 4 with Sergey Brin, the other Google cofounder to keep his existing title and [...]

Prince Alwaleed’s Movenpick at Ramallah

Prince Alwaleed’s Movenpick at Ramallah

The Movenpick Hotel, an upscale, opened in Ramallah on Monday adding more to the Construction boom that’s been going on in Ramallah for quite some time now. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the founder and chairman of Kingdom Holding Company (KHC), owns a 33.3 percent stake in the Movenpick group of hotels. He has also [...]