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Leadership Traits All Leaders Have in Common

It’s interesting to note that ‘leadership’ is one of the most sought-after, desired and coveted qualities for people from all backgrounds, professions, races, religions, and regions. Everyone wants to be a leader, not a follower, and everyone wants to learn the precise leadership traits that are going to set him/ her apart from the crowd.

8 Sins of Leadership to Dodge

Leadership is not inherited; it cannot be learnt or unlearnt; leadership is a trait that is cultivated through a process of doing the right things and avoiding the wrong ones. It is a continuous endeavor to envision the right things, plan the right things and execute them to perfection. We have always talked of leadership as a process of doing the rights things in the right manner, but it is also about avoiding the wrong things. Here are the eight sins that every leader should try to dodge:

Compelling Leadership Vision

This might come across as another lesson as to how you can possibly be a good leader. Nevertheless, more than being a good leader, it is all about coming up and then spreading the ideas and the ideals which will actually prove your mettle.

World’s Greatest Leaders  -Inspiring us Every Day

There’s something about the quality of a great leader that makes him or her stand out no matter the situation or the crowd. History’s greatest leaders have all had that quality, though they may not have all started out as leaders of many or even very few people.

Impactful Time Management for Leaders

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if leaders learnt efficient time management? Leaders are charged with numerous responsibilities and are expected to deliver on tasks and projects. As a leader, your in-tray is always full to capacity, whether its managing teams, securing new markets, steering innovation, growth, renewal…you name it! But how can leaders juggle all this responsibilities and still be efficient at each one of them?

Leadership and 10 Great Leaders from History

Since the oldest times known to men, masses have been led by efficient leaders. Such men and women have been responsible for ushering their people into a new and more modern world as we know of it now. Leadership has been defined as a process through which a person influences and motivates others to get involved in accomplishment of a particular task.

Are You A Leader Or A Follower?

So which are you, a leader or a follower? Are you satisfied with your current role or do you wish to change? Do you want to leave behind the burden of leadership and become a follower? Do you want to set yourself apart from the crowd and wear the leader badge? Let’s take a look at some essential differences that distinguish leaders from followers.

The Impact Of a Good Leader and Good Leadership In Society

When people talk about leadership, they mostly want to learn how to be good leaders at work. leadership in the corporate context is one of the hottest topics in the world, and everyone wants to learn how to become a billionaire and be the best possible boss. However, leadership is not just limited to the work frontier, it extends to all of society.

10 Techniques To Improve Your Leadership Skills

As John F. Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”. Any leader who thinks he knows it all and has seen it all and is through learning is going to lose his effectiveness and strength. For a leader to be a strength to his people through time, it is important to be open to learning, improving and growing. Enhancing your existing leadership skills is essential to stay with the times, and ahead of others.

The Charismatic Leader Traits

If charismatic leadership traits have to be narrowed down to a single defining characteristic, likeability tops the list. Those who know a little something about leadership already will know that you don’t necessarily have to win people’s votes in order to be able to lead them. Some of the most famous leaders in history have acquired that status through the use of brute force and sheer will. However, charismatic leaders do not force others to follow them or ask them to do so or even request loyalty: they earn it and they inspire it because they are just so darn likeable! Charismatic leaders are nice, fun, caring, passionate and empathetic people. A likeable leader is always going to be a great leader because the followers will choose to be a part of the team and will do so with gladness.

10 Must-Have Leadership Traits: What World Leaders Have Said About Leadership

Leadership is a trait known to many, learnt by some and perfected by few. There are leaders and managers and supervisors and bosses, among …

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