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Docomo-SIM (Image Credit: Tech In Asia)

Japanese Carrier DOCOMO unveils Portable SIM that can activate any mobile device to make calls

NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s biggest carrier today announced a prototype of the world’s first SIM based authentication device that can wirelessly activate any compatible smartphone or tablet. Portable SIM is a SIM-based authentication device that can wirelessly activate ‘multiple devices’ erasing the need to have a SIM in each and every device your carry. User’s subscriber identity […]

Stanlow Oil Refinery

World Applauds Ambitious EPA Rule towards Carbon Cuts

SUMMARY: Japan says the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to cut greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants by 30 percent from 2005 levels is a bold step towards fighting climate change.   “There are many states that are dependent on coal power,” environment minister Nobuteru Ishihara said at a news conference in Tokyo after the U.S. Environmental […]

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Japan witnesses contraction in factory output in February

Official data showed that Japan witnessed a surprising contraction in factory output in February. The released figures highlighted a huge task ahead of the new government of the world’s third economy. The government will have to work by the sweat of its own brow to get out of economic stagnation and deflation.

Japan's recession is over

End of recession for Japan?

Is this the end of recession? At least, latest data indicated that. According to the revised survey, Japan saw its economy expand in the final quarter of 2012. Certainly, the news is a good sign for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who is focused on getting Japan out of two long decades of deflationary stagnation.

Japan PM Naoto Kan says Nuclear Power Risks "too intense"

Japan Re-thinks its Energy Future. Nuclear Power Risks “too intense”

Japan Sets the Scene Just about recovering from the massive devastation caused by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami and the ensuing nuclear disaster, Japan is now looking at addressing its energy needs by tapping into sources other than nuclear power. In what has been estimated as being the worst nuclear energy disaster since Chernobyl, […]

Will Japan’s Find of Rare Earth Minerals Threaten China’s Monopoly ?

Rare Earth Minerals Discovered by Japan Threat to China Monopoly ?

According to the US Geological Survey, global reserves of rare earth minerals, found primarily in the United States, China, Russia and some other parts of the former Soviet Bloc, amount to only around 110 million tonnes. A clear monopoly, even within these countries, where the mining and supply of these extremely valuable commodities is concerned, […]

Posco, world's third largest steel-maker, climbs 10% post Japan quake

Korean steel-makers climb, ship-builders smile post Japan quake

Hard to accept that while one nation grapples with the world’s costliest natural disaster, another one is filled with hopes of unforeseen growth? Well, such are the economics involved in the start of building the new Japan-Korea equation in the world economy. Steel stocks of Japan’s neighbor and chief competitor in steel-manufacturing, Korea, continued to […]

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station damage

Fuel to Fire: stored spent fuel rods at Fukushima Nuclear Station

All the horror stories about the nuclear reactors in Japan going off following the massively devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan naturally has got everyone wondering “What’s really happening with the reactors at Fukushima?” Well, apparently, the havoc caused by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station’s reactors, while obviously having been caused by the over-heating […]

Japanese Construction Giants Kajima, Taisei surge on reconstruction demand prospects

Japan’s Construction Index surges on Reconstruction Demand Prospects

Kajima, Taisei see Record Highs Japan’s largest construction firm, Kajima, rose 22% to 259 yen, the biggest increase since Oct. 14, 2008, while the nation’s third-largest builder, Taisei Corp., climbed 20% to 223 yen, the largest jump since April 24, 2000. Advancing 6.4% as of the 3 p.m. close in Tokyo trading yesterday, Japan’s 95-member […]

"Live the Dream" Australian beer Broo's promotional campaign

Buy a Slab of Beer – Get Stakes in the Brewery for free

Typical of the down-under love you say ? Two well-known facts: Aussies LOVE their beer. And they love everything Australian. So drink to this: A new Aussie beer company, Broo, owned by Kent Grogan, has given away shares with every slab of the beer purchased in order to keep it 100% Australian owned. According to […]

Tokyo Stock Exchange to merge with Osaka Stock Exchange

Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges set to ride the market-merger wave

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), the 4th-largest global bourse by trading volume, has confirmed plans of beginning talks with its smaller Japanese rival, the Osaka Stock Exchange (OSE), on a possible merger to strengthen its position given the recent wave of consolidation of markets that has been taking place globally. While Tokyo Stock Exchange CEO has stated […]

Acquisitions beyond Asia: PetroChina shakes hands with INEOS

Acquisitions beyond Asia: PetroChina shakes hands with INEOS

Following its refinery acquisitions in Singapore and Japan, Chinese oil giant PetroChina is now in a deal to buy two refineries owned by British firm INEOS. The signing of the deal was overseen by British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and China’s Vice Premier Li Keqiang. While China caps domestic fuel prices to tame inflation, […]