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Big Data, An Insight into Evolving Market

Big Data: How to use? Where to use effectively? What scale to consider? The infinite loop of questions keeps haunting minds of marketers day …

Be a Brand

Brand marketing strategy is a very significant ingredient in today’s competitive market. Advancement in online manifestation has never held the same amount of significance …

China’s first home-developed large plane aircraft C919 rolls off assembly lines

After seven years of development and repeated delays, China’s first home-developed large passenger aircraft C919 rolls off assembly lines in Shanghai on Monday. Rollout …

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a New Favorite Leader?

Twitter and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey have become “a hot potato” these days. Recently, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made the headlines grabbing millions of …

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick cries foul again

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick carries a huge baggage of never ending woes. It is common with high-end corporations these days to land themselves in …

General Motors and U.A.W. Reach Tentative Contract Accord Minutes before Strike Deadline

The United Auto Workers (U.A.W.) union has voted to approve a tentative labor deal with General Motors Co clearing the path for members to vote on the …

Can CEO Jes Staley save Barclays PLC?

After a three-month search, British bank Barclays PLC is all set to anoint former JPMorgan Chase & Co. investment banker Jes Staley as its …

Two Industry Leaders SABMiller and AB InBev Combine to Create World’s Largest Brewers

SABMiller takeover by AB InBev! After a much-hyped discussions doing rounds about two of the world’s largest brewers, SABMiller, has finally accepted rival AB …

Ford Motor Co. announces investment plans for its plug-in hybrid car, C-MAX Energi

Ford Motor Co. announced on Monday it will invest 11.4 billion Yuan ($1.8 billion) over the coming five years in China, where its sales …

Google Executive Shuffle: Sundar Pichai is rebooting Google

Sundar Pichai, Google’s newly appointed chief is shaking things up, moving top executives around, promoting three vice presidents to higher roles in the company. …

The Periapt for a Remarkable Leadership, Authenticity at Workplace

Authenticity, a Critical Core Value for a Great Leader Authenticity in leadership is all about being a person that you are behind the walls, …

The Rise, unfortunately Gas rise

Business and economy, gas. All know that the latest exceedingly influences the first one, so it comes as no surprise at all that everybody look at the rise of gas with that bitter taste in mouth. Due to latest news aren’t exactly the best ones. Just less than two weeks ago you were reading about Turning point for U.S. oil production, U.S. oil production finally exceeded oil consumption, everybody hardly waited for this to happen, but then this week we get Gas rise.

Nuts for longer life

Every now and then scientists come out with different research results or studies explaining us what is healthy for us, what is not, what we should or shouldn’t do. It is not so rare that it happens that one year something is a health booster and in few years it becomes almost like a poison.

“I’ll have what he’s having”, be careful who you eat with

After reading this news you might rethink before choosing friends for eating out, especially if you have recently decided to start with eating healthier food plan. When it comes to latest research on our eating habits, you should definitely think about people you surround yourself with, when going for a meal in a restaurant.

Ultra HDTV models by Apple till the end of 2014?

Apple Inc. (AAPL) will launch ultra-high definition televisions (HDTV) with 65- and 55-inch screens towards the end of next year, according to a Tokyo-based analyst at Advanced Research Japan Co. Masahiko Ishino, an analyst with Advanced Research Japan published a note recently, that indicates Apple is developing both 55-inch and 65-inch TVs, televisions with 4K ultra high-definition (UHD) resolutions.

Elon Musk as James Bond, Musk plans to install Tesla Engine in 007 Lotus Esprit submarine

Billionaire investor, one of the Industry Leaders, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a man capable of building electric cars and space launch vehicles has a new wish. Now he wants to create a car that can convert into a submarine.

SecureDrop: Aaron Swartz’s WhistleBlower Project Relaunched

Good news for whistle blowers! Freedom of the Press Foundation has interfered in order to simplify the process which allows sources to anonymously leak documents to journalists. A project was initially created by Aaron Swatrz’s. Today you will find it under name SecureDrop.

Apple Inc., Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Inc. and eBay Inc. accused of UK Tax Dodging

The Five Internet Companies, Apple Inc., Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Inc. and eBay Inc. are accused of UK Tax dodging. The money owed to the exchequer is known by the officials as the tax Gap has grown to an epiphora of 35 billion HM Revenue and Customs has admitted.

Gas assets of UK to be bought by Li Ka-shing of Hong Kong

Hong Kong based billionaire Mr. Li Ka-shing, who controls a group of companies, has agreed on buying a UK based Gas Company named Wales and West Utilities. The agreement has been settled for 645 million pounds or 1 billion dollars. This latest acquisition by the tycoon will greatly boost his gas portfolio in Britain.

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