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A Hong Kong-Based Company is using People’s DNA with an intend to shame them for littering in public

It’s a very shameful thing when someone litters in public places, and even after doing such a shameful act, they go on their way …

Enchanting Hong Kong Business Story Continues

Hong Kong is one of those places to be said to be the better business destinations. And regardless of a ranking, the city always is among leaders. But this should be no surprise as Hong Kong is both a stronghold of free-market policies and ideas as well as low corporate taxes. And according to many rankings, Hong Kong is definitely one of best places to do business as it is also the gateway to China itself.

Peninsula Hotels, Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hotels group has a unique identity among the world’s leading luxury hotels. Peninsula Hotels was established in 1928, and now operates prestigious luxurious properties in nine major cities. Peninsula is a living legend, the name synonymous with luxurious comfort and impeccable service.

Asian Seafood Exposition

The Asian Seafood Exposition is Asia-Pacific and Hong Kong’s premier seafood trade event, connecting retail, foodservice, and distribution buyers with suppliers of live, fresh, …

Fake Apple Stores: A New Piracy Milestone ?

We’ve all seen, or atleast heard of, Chinese phones and tablets which mimic the hugely popular iphones and ipads, often unrecognizably so. The reported fake …

Quarterly Results by Apple: Big Profits from China iPad iPhone Boom

With its third-quarterly earnings statistics showing an 82% increase in revenue, and 125% rise in profits year-on-year, Apple, while releasing these statistics, said that …

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis likened to Chernobyl. Asian Markets Fall.

Reports poured in about Japan’s nuclear crisis having now got bad enough to be equated with the Chernobyl disaster, causing a significant dip in …

Facebook super-keen to enter China: Talks on with potential partners

With its most recent valuation figuring at $85billion, only about two months after Goldman Sachs, on investing in the world’s no.1 social-networking company, valued …

Authentically Disney, Distinctly Chinese! Shanghai Disneyland

China’s largest foreign invested venture in the service sector After over a decade of technical and political negotiations, work on what will host Disney’s …

China’s Air Freight Sector foresees low rates;expects consolidation

The contradiction between a lower-than-forecast growth in export demand and significant capacity increases on some routes has caused China’s air freight sector to be …

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