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holiday shopping season

Amazon Reports High Q4 Revenues While Profits Slump Inc. saw an increase in the fourth quarter earnings as revenues climbed by more than 20 percent during the holiday shopping season while the profits dropped as much as 45 percent.

Britons cut Christmas spending over economic fears

2012 Christmas was marked by growing economic concerns of Britons. Uncertain economic conditions affected U.K. customers’ shopping spree during this holiday season. According to a survey conducted by consumer’s association Which?, nearly half of U.K. customers drastically cut back on 2012 Christmas spending and made credit purchases.

Last minute Christmas shopping makes retailers and customers crazy

With the hours before Christmas, many customers decide to enter doors of retailers is search for last minute Christmas gifts. Each holiday shopping season sees the same picture, namely, people being in rush to do their holiday shopping in the last moment. And even though some shoppers promised themselves that they would not do it, they still make their last minute purchases as they did not have enough time before. The last minute shopping will be even done on Christmas Eve; that is the price of the fast modern world. But do not worry as many retailers’ doors will be opened on the 24th of December.

Here comes Christmas, here come gifts – shipping companies in rush

Christmas is closer everyday… The suspense is increasing as presents are being sent out. Without a doubt the holiday season, namely the holiday shopping season, is the busiest period for shipping companies and postal services all over the world. And with Christmas only 14 days away, shipping companies and post offices are madly busy with all those holiday packages and presents.

UK retail sales climb in November, but customers await holiday bargains

On 4th of December, the British Retail Consortium informed that UK retail sales rose approximately 0.4 percent on a like-for-like basis in the month of November as customers started their Christmas shopping. Some analysts, however, expected a higher result. But this year UK customers are waiting for holiday bargains to start in the coming weeks as they try to cut down spending in the holiday shopping season.

At last Cyber Monday online deals to begin!

Here it comes, after days of waiting Cyber Monday deals are to begin. The phantom of the Thanksgiving evening, Black Friday and the weekend is slowly fading away to be replaced by Cyber Monday, which is expected to be the busiest online shopping day of 2012.

Thanksgiving weekend sees holiday shopping rise 10%

Thanksgiving traditions have been evolving, adding to the list of usual activities one more thing namely Thanksgiving shopping. Retailers know how to take use of the needs and trends therefore they decided to open the holiday shopping season on Thanksgiving. Americans did not let down retailers as they rushed to stores and waited in lines on the Thanksgiving evening, Black Friday and the weekend.

Gear up for the craziness – here comes the holiday shopping weekend

And here it comes the most crazy holiday shopping weekend of the whole year. Retailers and customers are getting ready for the big opening which is due to start on the Thanksgiving evening. Everything indicates that this holiday shopping weekend that includes Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is going to be hot and full of shopping craziness.

Black Friday Frenzy Is Contagious

Even though Thanksgiving is just a few days away, the holiday shopping season spree has already begun. And yes, these days holiday in general does not have much in common with the present Black Friday Frenzy which starts over the one-month long season of haunting for holiday deals.

Nintendo Wii U to hit stores on November 18

Nintendo Co.’s Wii U is to be released on the 18th of November. The Wii U launch gives Nintendo Co. a show as the company tries to bounce back from its annual loss. The Wii U is expected to be a hit during the 2012 holiday shopping season.

Blizzard raises its outlook as it hopes for strong holiday shopping season

Activision Blizzard Inc. posted its profit for the third quarter which exceeded analysts’ estimates as company saw strong sales of its “Skylanders” and “Diablo” game titles. The largest video-game maker has also raised its full-year outlook as it expects strong holiday shopping season’s sales of the latest game “Call of Duty.”

Samsung Electronics makes $7.4bn, beats estimates

Samsung Electronics Co. reported its fourth straight quarterly report which beat analysts’ estimates as the South Korea’s producer of TVs and mobile phones made $7.4 billion in the third quarter. Strong sales of Galaxy smartphones helped Samsung Electronics Co. to minimize results of lower sales of memory chips.

Amazon to hire over 50,000 workers for holiday shopping season Inc. informed that it would hire over 50.000 temporary workers at its order-fulfillment centers across the United States for the upcoming holiday shopping season. The company, which employs approximately 20,000 workers, wants to place its new temporary workers at its 40 order-fulfillment centers across the Unites States. Inc, the Seattle-based company, expects to thousands of those temporary workers to stay on full-time after the holiday shopping season.

U.S. retail sales grew 1.1% in September

Americans boosted their spending in September, buying everything starting with Apple Inc.’s iPhones and ending with new cars. Even though few sectors are weakening, certainly the consumer economy is gaining strength. Data shows that U.S. retail sales grew approximately 1.1 percent, giving hope that the upcoming holiday shopping season will be successful for the U.S. retailers.

US video games slide 24% in September

September was another rotten month for the retail video games business. According to data, U.S. retail sales of new video game hardware, software and accessories dropped as much as 24 percent in the month.

U.S. Holiday Sales to See a Growth of 4.1% in 2012

U.S. retail sales are expected to grow 4.1 percent this holiday shopping season. The forecasted growth would be slower than in the past two years because of economic data and rising political uncertainty. The U.S. holiday shopping season will be affected by the uncertain jobs picture, higher gasoline prices as well as general economic worries.

Toys R Us to hire approx. 45,000 temporary workers for holiday season

Toys R Us has informed that it plans to hire about 45,000 workers nationwide for holiday shopping season. It will be 5,000 more than the same period last year. The seasonal hiring is expected to help its expanded customer services such as shipping online purchases to stores.

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