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Simple Buy Buttons

Simple Buy Buttons Design for Smartphones to Ease Online Purchases

A director at a San Diego advertising agency – Denise Chapman briefed about the number of hours she spent on her mobile phone for shopping from online portals. But, when it comes to buy something from online portals; she sits with her laptop, instead of using smartphones. She said that she has got to the […]

Yelp and Google

A New Yelp-Sponsored Study Claims Google Distorts Search Results

A Yelp-sponsored study conducted by lead researchers, Tim Wu of Columbia and Harvard’s Michael Luca revealed that Google has discriminated against competitors by worsening its search results. According to lead researchers, their study showed that Google favors search results, which direct users to Google content over listed results that point to competitors, like, Orbitz, and […]


Samsung’s new transparent Safety Truck promises to save lives

Recently, search engine giant – Google has introduced self-driving car endeavor, delivering reports on car accidents occurring on its vehicles. So far experts have assumed that accidents only occur when humans are in control of the vehicle – that seems to show that people are the cause behind their own problems on the road. But, […]

Google News

Google’s new app helps user to keep track of their daily dietary supplements

Google is working on an application that will scan food images and count calories that are present in the food. It is developed using artificial intelligence technology, and was introduced this week at a tech conference in Boston. According to Popular Science, the app uses algorithms to scan food images that are uploaded to Instagram, […]

Google News

Google Ubiquitous Computing Summit will take place this fall in San Francisco

Google has announced Ubiquitous Computing Summit that will take place this fall, where it will encourage developers to code softwares that run across of all sizes and shapes of smartphones, wearables, and tablets. Today, the giant search company announced that the event will be held in San Francisco, during its Google I/O developers conference Friday […]

Google Maps

Google Maps to Get New Offline Search, Including Navigation and Reviews

Google Maps is an incredible feat of technology that makes finding the destination easy and anxiety-free. However, it can be frustrating when the phone goes offline after cueing up a set of Google Maps directions to a particular destination. Google is looking to change that later this year. On Thursday, the search giant announced at […]

3D-printed prosthetics

Google allots $20 million grant for 3D-printed prosthetics and other aid technology

On Tuesday, Google announced funding from its nonprofit arm to help people living with disabilities through the use of emerging technologies and liberate them as individuals. The company pledged $20 million and issued an open call to identify new areas of opportunity. Google launched a brand new initiative named the Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities […]

Google World White Web

Graphic Designer introduces World White Web project to add diversity to Google searches

A graphic designer – Johanna Burai, from Stockholm city of Sweden, has introduced a new project- World White Web- with a project to bring attention of the audience to the norms of whiteness online. The World White Web is attempting to modify the overabundance of white hands in Google searches. The World White Web ‘s […]

Google to Patent Teddy Bear that can turn into a Remote Control

Google to Patent Teddy Bear that can turn into a Remote Control

Google is hoping to break into the toy industry with stuffed animal toys that can control other Wi-Fi connected devices. Google has filed a patent for creating teddy bears that could turn into a remote control. Google’s new smart tech innovation would suggest of developing smart internet connected toys that could listen to instructions, and […]

Google is readying 'Brillo,' an OS for the Internet of Things

Google is readying ‘Brillo,’ an OS for the Internet of Things

Google is all set to enter at the Internet of Things (IoT) market at I/O next week with the launch of a platform for Internet connected devices. The search giant is reportedly developing “Brillo” operating system for the Internet of Things. Brillo will apparently be based on Google’s mobile operating system Android, and is targeted […]


TrueView, Google’s Shopping Ads For YouTube

Google on Thursday announced that it is introducing a new feature to its YouTube video ad offering that allows viewers to shop from the video ads they are watching. The new feature, called TrueView for shopping essentially lets advertisers easily list several of the products they are selling alongside or within their video ads. The […]


Google joins hand with Twitter, search results to feature real-time tweets

Search giant Google and micro-blogging giant Twitter have renewed a bond that ended in 2011 with a new agreement which will display live Tweets prominently in search results. Google and Twitter made the announcement on Tuesday. With this initiative, the search giant Google will show most relevant tweets in the search results in its search […]

Google News

Google To Roll Out Special Buy Buttons

Search engine giant, Google, is preparing to launch special buy buttons alongside some of its search ads in the coming weeks. Google’s controversial step is intended to push it as a mere web link provider, rivaling those run by its competitors such as and Initially, the buy buttons will be displayed on mobile […]


Facebook increased contractors’ minimum wages to $15 per hour

Popular social media company, Facebook Inc. recently raised minimum wages of Menlo’s cafeteria staff and janitors. The company has announced on Wednesday to raise a minimum pay scale of $15 per hours for low-income workers. Workers will receive additional 15 days of paid sick time and vacation leave, and US $4,000 for parental leave. Facebook’s […]

Google’s new NoSQL db, Cloud Bigtable pillars Cloud Infrastructure

Google’s new NoSQL db, Cloud Bigtable pillars Cloud Infrastructure

Google rolled out a new database called Cloud Bigtable, to power its cloud infrastructure. Cloud Bigtable is a NoSQL offering a high scale performance and hot data speed at a cool data price. Google Cloud Bigtable is powered by the company’s Bigtable data storage system. It is compatible with the Apache HBase API that is […]

Google reveals searches made on mobile devices surpasses PCs for the first time

Google reveals searches made on mobile devices surpasses PCs for the first time

It was speculated earlier that mobile search queries would overtake desktop queries sometime in 2015, and now it’s happened. Google now fields more search queries from mobile devices than it does from personal computers in the U.S. and many other parts of the world. And with that lies an opportunity for the tech giant to […]

Websites prepare for ‘Mobilegeddon’ as Google favors mobile-friendly sites

Websites prepare for ‘Mobilegeddon’ as Google favors mobile-friendly sites

Back in February, search giant Google had said that it was going to make mobile-friendliness matter more to its search-engine rankings. On Tuesday, the company imposed new tweaks to its search ranking, prioritizing sites that feature mobile-friendly designs. The algorithm update dubbed “Mobilegeddon” is one of the biggest changes in the history of Google’s search engine. […]

European Union to record antitrust charges against Google

European Union to record antitrust charges against Google

The European Union is set to file formal charges against Google for illegally using its dominant search engine to highlight the company’s own online services over others. European Union commissioner, Margrethe Vestager is expected to make an announcement on Wednesday in Brussels about Google violating antitrust laws and has decided to pursue a case that […]

Google reportedly working on new and highly improved batteries that can last longer than regular batteries

Google reportedly working on new and highly improved batteries that can last longer than regular batteries

Search giant Google has reportedly involved itself in the research and development of better battery technology for smartphones, wearables and other stuff with reports claiming that the technology is being developed in the search engine giant’s highly secretive Google X research lab. Google has been expanding its avenues lately and has entered into sectors such as […]