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Google News

Google’s new app helps user to keep track of their daily dietary supplements

Google is working on an application that will scan food images and count calories that are present in the food. It is developed using artificial intelligence technology, and was introduced this week at a tech conference in Boston. According to Popular Science, the app uses algorithms to scan food images that are uploaded to Instagram, […]

According to SolarCity, the new fund is the largest ever created for residential solar power.

Google, Solar City reportedly team up to create $750 million in residential solar projects

Google Inc made a commitment to invest $300 million that would finance residential solar projects. SolarCity Corp on Thursday announced in a company blog post that it has created a fund expected to finance $750 million in residential solar projects with Google Inc investing around $300 million. SolarCity is headed by CEO Lyndon Rive, cousin to Tesla Motors’ […]

Google decided to expand the program running it throughout the year to make it more accessible to people.

Google’s Offers ‘infinity million’ dollars to find bugs in Chrome

The Pwnium vulnerability reward program, Google’s yearly bug hunting event where security experts flag up vulnerabilities will now be running all through the year instead of a one day affair. Previously, Pwnium was held by the company annually at CanSecWest, a security conference in Vancouver to find security problems in its Chrome browser, Chrome OS […]

Julian Assange

Google handed WikiLeaks staff emails and more to FBI under secret warrant

WikiLeaks criticized Google Inc on Monday after the search engine admitted that it turned over private emails and other data on three WikiLeaks employees to the US government. The company said that the data was handed over to the US government in the spring of 2012, which means Google took more than two years to […]

Google is close to investing about $1bn (£660m, €863m) in the Elon Musk owned SpaceX.

Google said to be in talks to invest $1bn in SpaceX’s low-cost satellite internet service project

According to reports, tech giant Google is close to making a major investment in rocket maker SpaceX to beef up efforts to deliver low-cost Internet access to countries that lack ground Internet infrastructure. Google is close to investing about $1bn (£660m, €863m) in the Elon Musk owned SpaceX that is engaged in space exploration and […]

Apple Headquarters in Cupertino

Apple, Google reach new deal in anti-poaching class action suit

Four Silicon Valley companies including Apple Inc and Google Inc have reached a new deal that would resolve an antitrust class action lawsuit filed by employees, who accused the companies of conspiring to avoid poaching each other’s employees, according to a US court filing on Tuesday. Lodged in 2011, plaintiffs accused Apple, Google, Intel Corp […]

Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS was launched nine months after its Android counterpart.

Google Launches Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS

Google on Monday unveiled its latest app for iOS devices. Called Chrome Remote Desktop app, the iOS version allow users to remotely control their computer using their smartphone or tablet. “Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to remotely access one computer from another over the Internet. For example, you can use the app to securely access […]

Google has seen the largest drop in its share of the search market since 2009.

Google’s search dominance in U.S. is crumbling, Yahoo on the rise

Google’s iron grip on the search market has been entrenched for years. However, a partnership between Mozilla and Yahoo to make Yahoo the default search tool in Mozilla’s Firefox browser seems to have loosened Google’s grip just a little bit. Google has seen the largest drop in its share of the search market since 2009. At […]

Google Campus

Google News shutting down service in Spain over ‘Google Tax’

Search giant Google’s news service, Google News will no longer operate in Spain as of 16th December. The move comes after Spanish lawmakers changed the country’s law to introduce a so-called Google tax. The law, drafted by Spain’s Ministry of Culture revolves around new intellectual property laws being introduced that enable Spanish publications to charge […]

Google Drive

Google Offers 1TB of Google Drive Storage Free With Selected Chromebooks Ahead Of The Holiday Season

While Chromebooks haven’t been the most popular devices lately, Google announced a new promotion designed to allure customers to purchase a Chromebook. Anyone purchasing a new Chromebook notebook computer this holiday season will receive a free 1TB of data storage on its Google Drive cloud storage system. In order to receive the great deal, customers will need to […]

Contributor by Google

Google rolls out Contributor, a subscription service to remove ads from sites

Google Inc. announced an initiative Thursday that offers ad-free web browsing to users interested in paying a monthly subscription fee. The crowdfunding tool called Contributor asks users to pay anywhere from $1 to $3 to view the pages. Essentially it’s kind of a subscription service for online publications allowing people to pay to remove ads from participating websites. […]

Google Play

Chinese app developers can now offer paid Android apps via Google Play store

Google Inc. has announced merchant support for Chinese developers, meaning they can now offer free or paid apps for Android users in over 130 countries via its Google Play store. They however cannot earn any money in China, as the Play Store is unavailable in the country. Nonetheless, this is a small step towards giving Chinese […]

LG Electronics' New Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

LG and Google announce global patent license agreement that is set to last a decade

Korean manufacturer LG and Google announced a global patent license agreement. According to LG’s press release, the two companies have gotten into a cross-licensing deal that will allow them to use each other’s existing and future patents for the next ten years. The cross-licensing deal covers copyrights of a broad range of products and technologies […]

Cancer Pills

Google[x] Lab’s Bold Ambition: Pills that can detect cancer

Innovations pay off when they make life more apt for people around us in cogent ways. Google[x] innovation lab, devout to finding prodigious solutions to global problems is in the news yet again for a startling disclosure. The semi-secret facility behind innovations such as self-driving cars, stratospheric internet balloons, flying drones, Google Glass, and seamless […]

Google Acquires Firebase

Google acquires Firebase to boost its mobile momentum

Google Inc announced that it has acquired a San Francisco startup Firebase, adding to its own Google Cloud Platform team. The startup is a backend cloud service that can be used to build apps for iOS, Android and the Web that store and sync data in real time. Terms of the deal were not revealed. […]

Google Shopping Express Service

Google Expands U.S. Shopping Service To Multiple Cities, Introduces Membership Fee

Google, which launched their Google Shopping Express service last year is now changing the way the service works and also expanding it to more cities. Just like Amazon Prime, Google will now start charging membership fees from customers for its fast online shopping delivery service, the company said Monday. The service lets shoppers order products online from […]

Samsung's 110-inch Ultra High Definition 4K television is the biggest TV screen ever manufacted by an electronics company

Google working on Modular Display Technology to create one Gigantic TV

The clandestine Google X Lab, famed for its projects such as self-driving cars, stratospheric internet balloons, Google Glass, is now developing a display made out of smaller screens that plug together like blocks of Legos to create a seamless display, sources revealed. According to three people familiar with the project, the screen could be made […]

Previously bug hunters were paid a minimum of $500 and up to $5,000 for each bug reported based on significance of the find.

Google Offers Three Times The Reward For Squashing Chrome Bugs

Google announced it has tripled its maximum reward for finding flaws in Chrome as part of the company’s bug bounty program. The move is to restrain research community from selling their information on shady markets and also to encourage them to dig deeper in discovering vulnerabilities in Chrome. Previously bug hunters were paid a minimum of $500 and […]

Drive for Education offers unlimited cloud storage, Apps Vault and auditing tools for better maintenance, entirely free of cost.

Google Drive for Education offers unlimited storage for schools and students

Google, the world’s largest internet search company announced a new initiative Tuesday for students, Drive for Education. The new service bolsters Google’s existing Google Apps for Education service, which offers unlimited cloud storage among other perks for both students and educators. Apps for Education, which is free for non-profit educational institutions, offers branded versions of Google’s popular apps, including […]