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Ford Motor Co.

The multinational American automaker company, Ford Motor Co. is planning to invest $1.8 billion, which is 11.4 billion Yuan, over the span of next …

Ford Motor Co. announced on Monday it will invest 11.4 billion Yuan ($1.8 billion) over the coming five years in China, where its sales …

Toyota, Nissan recall 6.5 million vehicles over faulty airbags

Japan’s top and the largest carmakers, Toyota, Nissan and Honda Motors, to recall 6.5 million vehicles triggered by defects in Takata Corp.’s airbag inflators. …

Fords gives Australian production the brush-off

Ford Motor Co. is to give Australian production the brush-off as it has informed that it would stop manufacturing cars in the world’s twelve largest economy. Everything has its end. And now there is the end of the 85-year-old Ford’s production in Australia which will be stopped by 2016. The decision of Ford Motor Co. is undeniably shocking for Australia which has been recently struggling due to the strength of its currency.

Ford bets on North America as it increases production

Ford Motor Co. is having its good days and it simply wants to take advantage of growing demand for cars in North America. Thus the US-based automaker informed that it decided to increase production at its car plants located in North America, thereby cutting the summer shutdown. Its overall plans are aimed at boosting manufacturing capacity by ambitious 200,000 vehicles annually in 2013. The increased production is expected to even help the company gain a bigger share in the US market.

Green – the color of the future. Big Green Initiatives

It may not come as a surprise that green initiatives are being launched. This is an ultimate sign of growing understanding and developing the sense of responsibility for the future of humankind and the Earth as in fact good planets are hard to find.

Ford creates jobs at Claycomo plant as demand for trucks rises

As demand for pickups is rising, Ford Motor Co. is to announce that it will create 2000 new positions at its Claycomo car plant located in Kansas City. The creation of new jobs is aimed at meeting sharply growing demand for pickup trucks driven by increases in the US housing market. The world-known US carmaker plans to boost production of its best-selling F-150 pickup trucks as it just wants to earn from the upward trend in the industry.

Tough times for Toyota as it has to recall 1.7m globally

It seems that Toyota Motor Corp. is going through tough times as it will have to recall as many as 1.73 million vehicles globally as it has faced safety issues revolving around airbags. Other Japan’s carmakers, including Honda Motor Co., Nissan Motor Co. and Mazda Motor Corp., have announced the same process as their models have also encountered similar problems. But that is not the last of problems for Toyota Motor Corp. as the carmaker is now at war against Ford Motor Co. over the title of the best-selling car in 2012.

Ford Focus beats rivals and becomes best-selling car in 2012

Newest data showed that the Ford Motor Co.’s Focus model had beaten its rivals in 2012 global car sales. The Focus model became the world’s best-selling car due to sharply increasing demand in China. The findings of the survey by R.L. Polk & Co. indicated that three models of Ford Motor Co. were in the world’s top six.

Ford to add 2.200 salaried jobs in US as demand for new cars increases

In a statement released on the 11th of January, Ford Motor Co. informed that it would create 2,200 salaried jobs in 2013. The largest increase in white-collar workers in over a one decade was driven by growing demand for new vehicles in the US. The US carmaker wants its new workers to support the operations of the company as it expands and redesigns its vehicles. Certainly, the plan to hire as many as 2,200 white-collar workers shows the strength of the latest upward trend in the US market.

Back to old good days! Hello Lincoln Motor Company!

After so many years of depressing sales, Ford Motor Co. decided to revive and rename its Lincoln luxury brand. On the 3rd of December, Lincoln Motor Company is due to be introduced. The rebranding is aimed at reviving sales of Lincoln models. And what is more the Lincoln’s first Super Bowl ad and television commercials are to be presented as well.

Ford to close its UK factory

Ford Motor Co. is to announce the closure of its UK factory located in Southampton, southern England on the 25th of October. News comes only one day after the company confirmed the closure of its Belgian plant.

CAW hopes to end talks with Ford; Chrysler concerned

According to the head of the Canadian Auto Workers, the union will focus on reaching an agreement with Ford Motor Co. as talks continue with all of Detroit’s Big Three car makers with a strike deadline coming closer Monday night. On Monday, exactly at midnight, the current contract expires and the CAW decided to focus on the new agreement with Ford Motor Co.

Ford board is ready for Mulally’s retirement; Fields a probable successor

Ford Motor Co.’s board of directors is due to meet on Thursday. The Ford Motor Co.’s board will probably discuss the most pressing issue facing the American car maker – the retirement of Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally. The Ford Motor Co.’s board is to consider CEO succession plan. As it was stated by a source familiar with the situation, Ford Motor Co.’s directors are preparing to promote Mark Fields to chief operating officer from president of the Americas. The promotion will make Mark Fields a probable successor to CEO Alan Mulally.

European downturn for Ford

Ford Motor Co.’s second-quarter earnings dropped more than half, even though the company has large profits in America. The decrease is high mainly due to losses in Europe and other parts of the world. The financial results are not a surprise for Ford, but it was for investors, though. Bob Shanks, the Ford’s CFO, however, warned in June that losses could occur especially in Europe and that there was a very high risk that they would have an impact on the Blue Oval’s profit.

Ford fears $1billion loss in Europe and ending up with a smaller profit in 2012

According to the reports, Ford Motor Co. has forecasted a slip down in their operating profit for the year 2012 as the automobile maker is expecting a loss amounting to of over 644 million pounds or 1 billion dollars in Europe. This forecast has been made by the company on the basis of the hurting sales in the continent due to the deepening crisis of its economy.

BMW Races Ahead Of Audi With New 3 Series

Latest automotive news from the constantly changing auto industry reveals stiff competition between auto industry greats BMW and Audi. One of the all-time favorite auto trends, the Audi A-4, now faces some serious threats from the tweaked BMW 3-series.

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