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Moriarty, New-Mexico based 20 people startup; Titan Aerospace will be joining Google

Google Buys drone maker Titan Aerospace, the one Facebook was eyeing for months

Google Inc., has acquired solar-orbital drone marker Titan Aerospace, the one Facebook had been eyeing for months to compliment Project Loon which aims on delivering wireless internet to remote parts of the world. Facebook on the contrary settled for a 20$ million deal to purchase a U.K-based marker of solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicles company named [...]

Image: Yahoo! Sunnyvale Headquarters

Yahoo will no longer allow users to access their online services through Google and Facebook Logins

Using Facebook or Google log-in credentials to access Yahoo services will soon be a thing of the past as the web giant will require users of Yahoo’s services to create a Yahoo ID, rather than using third-party social network logins. The first service to require a Yahoo log-in will be its Sports Tourney Pick’Em, which [...]

Facebook plans to buy Titan Aerospace (estimated to be around $60 Million), the maker of solar-powered, high altitude drones which can stay in the air for up to five years at a time

Facebook in acquisition talks with drone maker Titan Aerospace

In an interesting business move, social-networking giant Facebook is reportedly going to acquire Titan Aerospace, the maker of a solar-powered high-altitude drone that can stay in the air for five years at a time. With these drones Facebook plans to offer an online connection to the five billion people who don’t have access to internet or [...]

Facebook's rainbow-coloured flags at its California headquarters

Facebook Goes Beyond Male and Female with 50+ Gender Options

The flagship of Social Networking – Facebook, is now letting users customize their gender from 50 different options.  Facebook seems to be moving in the right direction by embracing sexual orientation fairness and making significant changes towards ending gender based polarization and biasness. Users now have the option to distinguish them as a female, male, [...]

Facebook to acquire the Waze app

Facebook to acquire navigation App Waze for $1bn?

If news bytes by people in the know-how at Facebook Inc. are to be believed, a high-net-worth-navigation app called Waze is likely to be acquired for an astounding $1 billion. Waze is a free-to-use navigation tool for mobile devices and popular in more than 193 countries.

Facebook introduces “promote posts” feature

Facebook Lets Users to Promote Posts for a Small Fee

Facebook has been declaring that it will remain free for a long time. It still is, however if you want friends to see your posts you have to pay. Facebook has just announced that it is implementing new feature that enables its users in the U.S. to promote post.


Facebook Halts its Secondary-Market Trading this Week

Facebook has kept people waiting for months for its shares to finally go public. There are many others who have been trying to get a few shares in the secondary markets hoping for Facebook shares to pop out of the gate.


Facebook Feeds Angry Birds with ‘Likes’

Angry Birds, the most downloaded mobile app of 2011 has finally made its debut on the world’s leading social networking site, Facebook. And Facebook is feeding the Angry Birds with its likes on The Valentine’s Day. Well, Facebook seems to have given its worldwide fans a great Valentine’s Day surprise, with launching Angry Birds, the wildly popular pig-flying game.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook IPO: Would it be a ‘Surprise’ or a ‘Shocker’?

Facebook will be able to file its Initial Public Offering as early as Wednesday, to sell stock in an open market. facebook’s debut is likely to be the most talked-about IPO after Google in 2004. This is generating curiosity as well as expectations among the public for what is likely to be one of the biggest debuts for a U.S. company.

Zynga To Make Its IPO Debut

Zynga Makes Its IPO Debut, 100 Million Shares Already Sold

Zynga has made a stand in virtual games like FarmVille, CityVille, mafia wars, and many more. The billion-dollar entry will be the second largest IPO offering since Google went public in 2004. The IPO has yet been topped only by online bargain service Groupon, which saw ups and downs in its stock prices after went public last month.

Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips for the Construction Industry

There are over 135 million users on LinkedIn, and despite it being the third largest social network, LinkedIn still seems like that social network in the corner that people forget is there. That’s why having a LinkedIn company page is so crucial. Have your sales team send prospective customers to the page to check out new products and services. Add status updates in a location that few others are doing so.

Forget Start-Up Companies: Peter Thiel Invests in Start-Up Countries.

Forget Start-Up Companies: Peter Thiel Invests in Start-Up Countries.

The venture capitalist with the knack of identifying and investing in “the next big thing”, the founder of PayPal and the guy who helped Facebook expand beyond Harvard, Peter Thiel, has announced his latest investment: a $1.25 million funding to the Seasteading Institute towards developing what would essentially be floating sovereign nations. Imagining these start-up [...]

Skype, Facebook Team Up; Massive Blow to Google+ Hangout ?

Skype, Facebook Team Up; Massive Blow to Google+ Hangout ?

Is Facebook’s new aim to become the next telecom giant ? Could very well be, and one would not be able to deem it impossible, with the deal announced by Skype and Facebook on Wednesday. The world’s most popular social network, Facebook, and Skype, a service that allows users to make free video phone calls [...]

Zuckerberg_Facebook Plans IPO at $100bn Valuation

LinkedIn, Groupon no match. Facebook Plans IPO at $100bn Valuation

If Facebook does actually offer its shares through its IPO at a valuation of more than $100billion, this would make the super-popular social-networking website one of the world’s biggest technology companies. Recent times have been seeing a flurry of activity where IPOs of technology companies are concerned. Earlier last month, LinkedIn, the professional networking website [...]

LinkedIn founder Reid Hofmann_LinkedIn IPO at $45 per share

LinkedIn’s Debut at $45/Share Sets Stage for other Social Media IPOs

The California-based professional social networking website, LinkedIn, co-founded by Reid Hoffman and run by chief executive Jeff Weiner, is all set to make a market debut with its scheduled IPO for later today. Valued at $4.3 billion, LinkedIn will sell 7.8 million shares, and raise $352.8 million, pricing each share at $45, setting the stage [...]

Facebook loses Face in trying to Get Dirty with Google

Facebook loses Face in trying to Get Dirty with Google

In apparent efforts of wanting third parties to confirm that users were not happy about the use of their personal information from their Facebook accounts for Google’s new competing social-network Social Circles, Facebook is attracting a lot of negative attention for the manner in which they carried out this process. In what appear to be [...]

Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5billion_CEOs Steve Ballmer and Tony Bates

Microsoft’s $8.5bn Skype buy: Expanding Business or Keep-away Game?

Becoming Microsoft’s most expensive acquisition yet, Skype being taken over by this software giant is supposed to be in line with Microsoft’s larger plan of offering a better basket of services by integrating Skype with its other products such as Lync, Xbox Live, Kinect, Outlook and Hotmail. Details of the $8.5 billion all-cash deal were [...]

Apple claims top-spot in BrandZ Top 100 as world’s most valuable brand

Apple claims BrandZ Top 100 top-spot as world’s most valuable brand

The no.1 spot in BrandZ Top 100, the listing that identifies and ranks the world’s most valuable brands, has been taken by Apple this year, ending the four-year reign of search-engine giant Google. With its brand value estimated at over $153bn, the iPhone and iPad maker’s rank has been boosted significantly by the success of [...]

Facebook super-keen to enter China: Potential partners Baidu, Sina Corp, China Mobile…

Facebook super-keen to enter China: Talks on with potential partners

With its most recent valuation figuring at $85billion, only about two months after Goldman Sachs, on investing in the world’s no.1 social-networking company, valued it at $50billion, Facebook sure is set to become to take over the virtual world. So what’s the most obvious market for such a rapidly growing company to be exploring next? [...]