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Facebook increased contractors’ minimum wages to $15 per hour

Popular social media company, Facebook Inc. recently raised minimum wages of Menlo’s cafeteria staff and janitors. The company has announced on Wednesday to raise …

Facebook Inc. Unveils Instant Articles With 9 News Launchers

Facebook Inc. is partnering with nine news partners to launch Instant Articles that will directly post their articles on social media sites. Now, Facebook …

Facebook Campus Welcomes Top Chinese Regulator to the U.S

According to a report and pictures posted on a Chinese government website, head of China’s Internet regulator met with the CEO of Facebook Inc., …

Oculus Unveils Crescent Bay VR Headset With 360-Degree Tracking

Facebook-owned Oculus VR introduced its third major revision of the popular Oculus Rift virtual-reality head mounted display, called Crescent Bay. The latest prototype was …

Apple Inc., Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Inc. and eBay Inc. accused of UK Tax Dodging

The Five Internet Companies, Apple Inc., Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Inc. and eBay Inc. are accused of UK Tax dodging. The money owed to the exchequer is known by the officials as the tax Gap has grown to an epiphora of 35 billion HM Revenue and Customs has admitted.

Security flaw in Facebook: Zuckerberg’s profile page hacked

A Palestinian security expert who goes by the name of Khalil Shreateh has exposed a Facebook security flaw by posting an alert on site creator Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page to prove the legitimacy of his bug report, after the social network giant’s security team ignored his previous reports on the vulnerability.

Technology giants awaiting permission to Disclose NSA Requests

Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. have issued open letters to the United States Department of Justice, seeking to establish that they have only ’obliged’ to the role of revealing data they possess within the limits of law and have not provided unlimited access to their databases.

Facebook Phone flops in US, will not debut in UK

Technology news bytes are doing the rounds speak of the huge disappointment of Facebook fans in the US on the failure of the first social-network-on-a-phone model HTC First, also called Facebook Phone. Noting on the poor customer response, Everything Everywhere Limited, UK’s carrier looking to launch the Facebook Phone in the country, too has cancelled the pre-orders of the Facebook Phone.

Facebook to acquire navigation App Waze for $1bn?

If news bytes by people in the know-how at Facebook Inc. are to be believed, a high-net-worth-navigation app called Waze is likely to be acquired for an astounding $1 billion. Waze is a free-to-use navigation tool for mobile devices and popular in more than 193 countries.

Facebook bears fruits from mobile advertising

Out of the blue, Facebook Inc. surprised with a significant increase in mobile advertising revenue. The social media giant has started bearing fruits from mobile advertising, making its investors less worried about the future of the company. Indeed, the latest figured showed that Facebook Inc. learned how to make money out of mobile ads.

Facebook Redesigns Home Page

On the 7th of March, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced a major overhaul of its popular news feed that would enhance visual content by centrally focusing on pictures and videos of close friends. In addition, the facelift is expected to receive the interest of various advertisers luring users to spend more time on the website.

Policy changes proposed by Facebook are asked to be withdrawn

Two of privacy support groups have on the 26th of November insisted on an extraction of planned changes of Facebook Inc. that would enable them to share the information of users with the photo application called Instagram that has been obtained only of late. Planned changes of Facebook will not only loosen some of restrictions for emails within the boundaries of the social network but also eliminate the system of user voting.

Arbitration case of Facebook being halted by Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley according to the reports is continuing its efforts to halt the case of securities arbitration that was filed by one of the investors of Facebook Inc. The Facebook arbitration case holds Morgan Stanley and some other parties responsible for losses it had suffered during the initial part of the public offering of the biggest social network.

Angry Birds maker releases Bad Piggies game

Rovio Entertainment, the Angry Birds maker, has released its newest game Bad Piggies and it hopes that it will be a hit! The Bad Piggies game hit the applications store on the 27th of September. For the first time, fans of the Angry Birds may see the softer sight of the evil piggies.

Facebook director Peter Thiel sells off most of his shares as lock-up ends

Facebook Inc. director Peter Thiel sold most of his shares of the social-media giant last week. As it was stated in a regulatory filing, he had earned roughly $400 million on selling his stake, bringing his proceeds to approximately $1 billion. Data shows that Facebook director earned $640.1 million in sales during the initial public offering.

Zynga Poker notes a 41% drop in stocks.

Zynga Inc, the social game developer of such hit games as “Farmville” and CityVille”, published its second-quarter earnings. The weak financial results as well as also weak expectations for the rest of the year caused Zynga’s stock prices dropped 41 percent, to $3.18 a share.

Facebook Inc. and Yahoo Inc. settle their lawsuits making a tie up

Yahoo Inc and Facebook Inc have finally agreed to settle their heated up patent lawsuits and tie up for a licensing and internet advertising partnership according to reports laid out on Friday. The pact has at last settled the accusations that were made for the technology patent infringement that started under the leadership of Scott Thompson, the ex-CEO of Yahoo.

UBS blames NASDAQ for a loss of $357 million on Facebook’s shares

UBS, the Swiss banking giant, informed that it lost $357 million on the Facebook’s catastrophic debut. The bank said it bought more shares than it planned because of NASDAQ’s trading snags. UBS accused NASDQ of a “gross mishandling” of the stock-market listing. It is likely that UBS will take steps to begin legal proceedings to recoup all of its losses. The total sum of $357 million dwarfs the $62 million NASDAQ has in case problems related to Facebook’s deal.

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